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    Quote Originally Posted by serenityg View Post
    Lilah is more my style and I really like Lilah June Riley, however Eliza June Riley is such a wonderful pairing with Noah Emerson. Happy Delivery
    I wanted to spell it Laila, but that is pronounced more Layla. I"m not too stuck on one spelling or another though.

    @janis0616 - we thought about elise, but it didn't make the cut
    @ missy35 - we have practiced calling out ALL the names. It does help

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    As the mother of an Eliza June, I am partial to that one, but I do think Lila June is pretty great too! I love my daughter's name and have never regretted it, it fits her perfectly. Good luck tomorrow, hopefully one will make sense when you meet her!

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    Eliza June is far and away my favorite. I like both of these names individually and as a unit, and they go great with your last name as well. But you'll need some more options:

    Eva Noel
    Carol Evangeline (don't know if this is too religious for you, also hope you don't mind the switch)
    Lorelei Noel
    Eliza Helene
    Lila Noel
    Eden Helene
    Anneliese is a nice middle, but doesn't really go with any of your other names. Eden is a hard one too. Actually, you could do Eden Anneliese!

    But the only one I LOVE is Eliza June. Of course, what matters most is if YOU love it!
    Current favorites: Olive, Louise/Louisa, Magdalene/Madeline, Phillipa, Talitha, Mallory, Blythe, Eliza, Mercy, Talia; Calvin, Charles, Gideon, Abram, Jude, Reuben, George, Reid, Clark, Holden.

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    i love lila (i have a daughter lila so am biased), but agree with other posters that eliza sounds better with your surname. you should be in love with the name though, so if you aren't feeling it, it's probably not the one. my vote goes to eliza, then lila. good luck and congrats!

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    oh one name suggestion, since you seem to like "E" names and you have eva on your list. how about evelyn? i think evelyn june riley is lovely, and would pair nicely with noah.

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