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    Lilah is more my style and I really like Lilah June Riley, however Eliza June Riley is such a wonderful pairing with Noah Emerson. Happy Delivery
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    If you're not sure about Eliza, have you considered Elise?

    I like June for the middle and I don't think you should replace a meaningful name just because something else might flow better.
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    I love Eva June and I think it works wonderfully with Noah Emerson. My second choice would be Lila June (though I prefer the spelling Lyla). Congratulations on whatever you choose

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    Evangeline June
    Eliza June
    Lila June

    Also love:
    Helena June

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    I also think Eliza June is just gorgeous! Have you tried calling the bump your favourite name for a bit, to see if it feels right? Sometimes when you say a name out loud for a while in real life situations it helps you decide if its the right name for you.

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