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    Quote Originally Posted by mallopuff View Post
    Lorelai June
    Eliza June
    Lilia Helene
    Would you pronounce Lilia, as LIL E A?

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    I think Abigail June is cute. I know it isn't on your list but I thought I would mention it. It goes well with June and fits with Noah. Noah and Abbie would be so cute together.

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    Red face Eliza

    I personally love the name Eliza. It would sound pretty with
    Eliza Helene
    Eliza Annelise

    In fact we are expecting twins and considering Lydia and Eliza.
    Hope tomorrow goes well! And remember it's totally fine to finalize your name choice when you see her!

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    Oh and Abigail June is cute too.

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    ooo...I love your name list. I really love Eliza, Lila and Eva, but with your surname I think Eliza and Eva work best. (Lila Riley is a little too rhyme-y for me, the extra syllable in Eliza and the fact that the L comes before the I really helps that one sound more like a good match and less over the top). I think June works for any of those. Evangeline is pretty, but not as much my style and a lot with Noah. Lorelai Riley I also find to be a bit of a R and L tongue twister, and its just not my favorite over all. Eliza June or Eva Noel (or June) are lovely!

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