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    Baby coming TOMORROW...NO NAME!

    [B]UPDATE:BORN at 2:50 this morning!! Beautiful and healthy with NO NAME LOL! She is definitely a petite princesss and looks like and Eva June or Lila JUne to me! For some of you that might have read my previous posts, I was sent home from my induction on Sunday because the baby was breech. I think she flipped because we hadn't decided on a name yet! Well, we go back tomorrow to try again, and still no name. Below, are the names we are considering. I need some help with possible combos and just opinions. Brother: Noah Emerson Surname: Riley

    Middle names: We would like to use June to honor my mother, but understand that this doesn't go with all names. Other options: Noel, Helene, Carol or Annelise

    First names:

    [name_f]Evangeline[/name_f] worry bout length
    Eliza do not like nickname Liza -other ideas??
    Eden - yes, we've added this back in
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    I like Lorelei June or maybe Evangeline Junia.

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    Eliza June Riley is simply perfect! My vote goes to that.
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    Eliza June. Perfect.

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    I think June goes fine with all of these.
    My favorite listed is Lorelei, but I like Eva too!
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