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    Lex, I understand, our families (well, my family) is a mental mess as well. Which is why Ophelia's on my middle list... Ofelia is lovely too, I like the association with Pan's Labyrinth. She's definitely tragic next to Isolde, which is why I eliminated Heleyne from Isolde as well. She killed herself because of Lancelot, so maybe too much. We'll revisit Ophelia and Heleyne in Morgana and Nimue's threads. It seems like a lot of people have bad associations with Natasha, that's too bad. Well, I still love it! Thanks for you opinions as always my sweet!
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    I still vote Isolde Hespera Tinuviel... Natasha is a great name but I am having trouble feeling it flow with Isolde.
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    I think that Natasha can be a diminutive of Natalia which is a pretty name.
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    Isolde Elbereth Heleyne, Isolde Hespera Tinuviel and Isolde Natasha Elbereth are especially beautiful.

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    My two cents, quickly:
    Gwenllian Freyja Circe is divine. Well done.
    Isolde Natasha Tinuviel wins for me, because of it's satisfying ratatattat. Isolde sounds like ice hissing, and Natasha and Tinuviel together are the icicles clinking, the pitter-patter of glass slippers.

    Morgana Belphoebe Ophelia! Os in three flavors! Expansion contraction expansion. Three witches, if you count Ophelia (wise woman on the edge.)

    Save Heleyne for Nimue. Nimue on her nimbus cloud calls for at least one strong, simple middle to ground her, and Heleyne is just the ticket.

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