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    On the current list I really like Isolde Natasha Elbereth, very snowy
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    @Victoria (and Ottilie): Yep, my parents speak Russian. It's actually how they met; Mom was Dad's Russian teacher (even though she's only two years older!) Now they mostly speak it when they're trying to hide things from their offspring, which is incredibly annoying. Like Otter, I've been determined to learn Russian forever, but there's just never been a good opportunity--they don't even teach it here at university! And funny you should mention the thing about Santa not having a daughter--there's actually a book my parents used to read me at Christmas where he does have one, and she's very similar to Snegurochka.

    And wow, nine is a lot of languages! I have a list of five, at the moment. I already know two, though my Spanish is beginning to get rusty.

    And I absolutely adore all three of the remaining combos! Natasha Tinuviel wins, though, for all the reasons you listed on the previous page. Perfect imagery, great sound. Elbereth and Hespera are great, but not as perfect with Isolde as Natasha and Tinuviel are.
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    I know about accents but the one which is always owned by dictators on academical records is so beautiful. And the Brits I know speak enchantingly too, fortunately. And just imagine Russian's billion's accents: all the USSR republics, Armenia, Georgia, China,Tajikistan, Ukraine, Serbia...Sometimes you can hardly understand them.
    I think I slightly prefer Elbereth to Tinuviel with Natasha. These -e and -t sounds are so magical. And, Ottilie, you speak seven languages? Oh gosh, you are a genius, I will be telling people I have a polyglot in my NB friends.
    Is Morgana next? I would like to combo her soon!

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    I don't speak seven, number seven is not keen on me learning it. I speak six. It's not that impressive once you hear the story.

    Okay, I'm glad you like the three remaining. I think I'm going to let them have a rest, and you can play with Morgana or Nimue.
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    Otter - Oh gosh... I don't actually find Ophelia super tragic. She did make my signature (through the -f- version for SO's love of Spanish and well because my family has a history of clinical depression and his a history of bi-polar disorder and we both have enough alcoholics in the family to fill our own rehab. So the -f- just felt safer. Plus I like how it looks so beautifully awkward). Ophelia just struck me as tragic-love right next to Isolde.

    From your last three I really like: Isolde Hespera Tinuviel.
    I've been tainted against Natasha by the Natasha's I grew up knowing. They are nothing like you described you image of Natasha (which is beautiful).

    Looking forward to the Morgana fun! (see you in the next thread or so.)
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