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    Your combos are all gorgeous. I love reading your posts just because of the amazing imagery! I think the name Nimue (from your signature) would fit well with Isolde. Isolde Heleyne Nimue?
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    I might move to England, actually, when I graduate. We shall see how desperately I miss rain in 2.5 years. And huzzah, I've made the imaginary list in Mr. Otter's brain! How excellent.

    And I adore Natasha--it's practically a requirement in my family. My parents are, uh, Russophiles? Is that a real word? They speak Russian, we've got stuff from their years in Russia all over our house, and I grew up hearing about Snegurochka in addition to Snow White. I could actually recite the Russian dictators before I knew my ABC's, or so I'm told (we had a very helpful matryoshka of them.)

    So I've always liked Russian names, and Natasha is one of the wintriest and loveliest, not to mention one of the easiest for us Westerners to pronounce. I actually used to know a really mean Natasha, and it didn't ruin the name for me at all.

    So, of the remaining options, Natasha Elbereth is my favorite. Hespera Tinuviel is second. And I love Ophelia Tinuviel, just not with Isolde.

    ETA: 'Russophile' is a real word! I got something right.
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    I agree with Gwen. Natasha is pretty sweet. Yes she's princessy, but a warm, kindly, approachable princess.
    On Ophelia Tinuviel: I do love this combination soundwise, but I'm mixed on it next to Isolde. Two tragic loves side by side.. Plus Ophelia is so very watery and blue-green, imo. Sessh's imagery has been spot-on.. Isolde Elbereth Heleyne, breath on an icy windowpane! Love love love. Heleyne is very special. And Isolde Ophelia Tinuviel, the cozy little cabin in the middle of a wild snowstorm! Love that. But I think Isolde Natasha Tinuviel would match that image even more closely. Ophelia SOUNDS cozy, but she has such a dark side. Natasha makes me think of pine trees and sweet balalaika music and Russian miniature lacquer boxes. Next to cold starry Tinuviel- could be nice.

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    Isolde Natasha Elbereth is clearly my favorite. But really, all so beautiful.
    @Gwen: your parents speak Russian? That's so cool! I speak Ukrainian a little but I have always thought Russian is much more beautiful, I am so happy to know it. And Shegurochka, isn't she wonderful? Her story is so moving but kind, I plan to read it to Nell in X-mas time. That's a pity Santa doesn't have a daughter.
    And, how funny, I am a...Englophile myself. I love English language, it's music to my ears. British accent, British flag, royal family. And poetry. I am a huge fan of everything American too, especially movies and music. Russian is my mother tongue but I sometime think in English. Our cultures are so different but I happen to love both

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    Mehri; thanks! Nimue is quite different in my head, but it does sound pretty.

    Gwen; my parents house is filled with Russian things too. Russian, Syrian (well, all Middle Eastern really) and Italian. My grandmother's Russian, I've grown up hearing Snegurochka as well! I always wanted to learn Russian (both my parents speak it) but it's number nine on my list of languages I'd like to speak, and I'm still not mastering number seven.

    Emma; Everything you say make sense (let's face it, when did it not?). Ophelia is now officially only on my list for Morgana. And I'm very happy that you like Natasha, and that you think it's nice with Isolde. I can't decide whether I like Isolde Natasha Elbereth or Isolde Natasha Tinuviel better...

    Victoria; Yes, our flag does indeed rock. The accent thing... we've got like a thousand different accents here, and half are very unattractive and impossible to decipher.

    So list is now:
    Isolde Hespera Tinuviel
    Isolde Natasha Elbereth
    Isolde Natasha Tinuviel
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