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    Ooh such great new ones! Agree with Husband because as it is you already love so many names that even if you use your 3 very best right now, you will have plenty left over that you can decide you like just as much for any subsequent kiddos. And I actually prefer shiny, glittery, starry Tinuviel with Isolde better than with Morgana (but you know that she and I don't always get along so I wasn't sure if I was just being fussy). Put me down for:

    Isolde Hespera Tinuviel- my favorite of the Tinuviel's (but before I get attached, is Husband sure he's going to let you use Hespera?)
    Isolde Natasha Elbereth- My favorite of the Natasha combos, I love everything about Elbereth next to Isolde... See below. =]
    Isolde Elbereth Heleyne- Still adore this one. I love Heleyne, but (since she's relatively new, I must ask) are you sure you Love her enough?

    Hespera Elbereth- has too many similar E's. I feel like I'm speaking Parseltongue... Heleyne works better with Elbereth imo.
    Hespera Heleyne- Too many H's all in a row. It sounds fine but it just looks... well not nearly as pretty as AMIE.
    Natasha Tinuviel- Too many T's that make it sound more harsh and less fierce. If that makes sense, which I know it doesn't, haha.
    Natasha Lothiriel- Ok don't hate me, but I think I'm stepping off the Lothiriel bandwagon. I prefer Tinuviel times 1000.
    Ophelia Tinuviel- Agree with the others; Don't like Ophelia here, but aside from being depressing I just don't think she works for Isolde.
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    Averella; I say Isolde ee-ZOL-deh, no -uh ending, so that isn't a problem. And the -th ending in Elbereth would make it difficult to say Hespera right after. I think. Good choices on your tops though! Haha, I'd say that to any I guess... I disagree that Natasha's dated, but to each their own.

    Belle; yeah. The thing is I love like fifty names. So it's hard!!! Thanks for your top three.

    Sessha; YES! That's Isolde Ophelia Tinuviel. I like this, but of course it would ruin my perfect Morgana. But Husband says we're naming one girl this time and I shouldn't worry about future babies just yet. Anyway like I said above, I've got lots of favourite names. I could do Morgana Hespera Elbereth or something . No Euphrosyne. Husband didn't feel the magic. Stupido!

    Moonblossom; yup yup, winter girl through and through! Thanks for your top three, and thanks for the song! It's twinkling.

    c@29; thanks!!!! and you know, there's still Morgana, Nimue/Pandora and Zenobia to play with... Isolde is perfect for a winter baby. Right now, based on how I've gotten to know her, I think she'll be an Isolde, Zenobia or Nimue. But we will see! five months and two days left...

    Moonie My Moonie; Thank you! I loooove Isolde Lothiriel Astrid, and I'm glad you like it the Norwegian way . I am kind of hoping Husband will come around to Astrid, but we will see. Tinuviel is back! She was supposed to be with Missy Morgs but now I really enjoy how she sounds with Isolde.

    Sorceress; Thanks for your top four! And you like Natasha, how wonderful!

    Victoria; Top three, great! Lovely choices. He is right isn't he. I just love too many... ugh.

    Rollo; oooooh how pretty is Isolde Melisande Tinuviel! I love it! Will show Husband when he's stopped being mr cranky pants.

    Lex; why does nobody like Natasha? I think I will have to explain my life long love for this name at the bottom. I don't think Ophelia's tragic, well, Shakespeare's Ophelia had some issues, but who doesn't. I love Ophelia as she's described in Natalie Merchant's song (link). Although I might slightly prefer her with Morgana. I thought about Elbereth Hespera, the thing is I've got a slight lisp (I'm a genetic mess I don't know why I keep having biological children!) so it sounds weird when I say it. Isolde Hespera Yvaine is gorgeous, I will show Husband. Thanks so much sweetiepie!

    Cio; thanks for all your comments. Great stuff. Isolde Hespera Tinuviel and Isolde Elbereth Heleyne are beautiful, I love them both very much too.

    Gwen; move to England and you shan't miss the rain! My man is smart, you're going on his "I like this person" now I think (yeah, he's got a list. A mental list, but still). And -eeek!!- you like Natasha! You have no idea how happy that makes me. I love that name so much, and I feel that with Isolde and Tinuviel the whole names feel like a winter's evening, with crisp icy air, soft new twinkling snow and all the stars shining above. Isolde's the cold whiteness, Natasha the soft blanket of snow and Tinuviel's all the stars and the twinkle.

    Amy; And you like Natasha too, yay yay yay! Gorgeous top three, my sweet, I'm so happy now! Well, who knows what will happen with Morgana. I was pretty set on Ophelia Tinuviel, and Husband said we're only naming one child at the time so who cares if we use the same middles for these maybe combos, although that feels weird in my namenerd head. But I am going to try to stay calm. Heleyne - yeah, I might need to let her work on me a bit. It's still a new romance, not the life long love like Tash. Husband is happy to let me use Hespera as a middle, he loves it he just didn't want it as a first. It was his idea to pair Hespera with Isolde actually. Thanks for your reasoning for the ones you don't like, so helpful! I think I prefer Ophelia with Morgana too. Because Morgana's so strong and tough, little sad Ophelia can go hang out there. Husband also said he likes Nuvs more than Lot. We can't have both apparently. Such a stick in the mud . Thank you!!!

    So, Natasha. For me it's always been this mystical faery name. A star faery or snow faery or something. It's magical, warm, cosy; it's like curling up under a soft quilt reading Wuthering Heights and sipping mulled wine. The name feels so soft and pretty, I love the gentleness of the a's and the Tash part is just darling. War and Peace is a brilliant work of literature, and then there's the Rufus Wainwright song.
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    Ottilie, I've been reading the whole thread now and I just wanted to say that Isolde Ophelia Tinuviel is such a beautiful combibation! Crisp and pretty.

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    Well, I know I was the one who suggested it but Natasha IS divine. She is enigmatic and frilly in a good, not overly way - lacy gloves, light fair curls, rope of pearls on the satin, frost pattern on the window, burning candles and fan of ostrich feathers, ball, waltz, silver laughter and diamond pendant.
    Natasha is a name I would love to have for myself - it's feminine and sophisticated, lush and enchanting. I truly share your love and, of course, Leo (he was actually Lev!) Tolstoy's thing is excellent. Natasha is totally winter-ish and she is, perhaps, the only nickname name I approve.
    By the way, do you say "nut-uh-shuh" or "nat-ash-uh"? I prefer the first, Russian pronunciation but they are both lovely.

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    Svea; thank you! That means a lot! !

    Vic; yup, Natasha's always been one of my favourites. It appears steadily on my family tree (mostly as Natalia and Nataliya, but I've got two living distant relatives named Natasha). I say it nah-TASH-ah, very very clear a's.

    I think we've narrowed it down to these:
    Isolde Elbereth Heleyne
    Isolde Hespera Elbereth
    Isolde Hespera Tinuviel
    Isolde Natasha Elbereth
    Isolde Ophelia Tinuviel
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