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    What a lovely trimmed list. I do miss Euphrosyne a bit though - is she out?

    My top three are:
    Isolde Astrid Heleyne
    Isolde Natasha Solenne
    Isolde Heleyne Amoret

    I rather agree with Gwen about the 'e's and 'y's in Synneve Heleyne, which is why Heleyne Amoret won the spot in my top three.
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    Oh more replies!

    Whirlie; Talini is really pretty!

    Tori; Izzy's cute too! I really like Isolde Elbereth Seren, and Isolde Yvaine Catherine (I'd spell it with a c), and Isolde Aria Hannelore. Well, I'm not crazy about Aria, but Hannelore is gorgeous.

    Oosoposh; ah, I miss winter too! It's so hot in London now, all I want is snow and cold. I'm glad you like Isolde Heleyne Synneve, I think it's pretty too. And the movie is lovely isn't it?

    Amy; the l's and the e's! yes, it is gorgeous. I think maybe I like it better as Isolde Elbereth Heleyne though...? Thanks for a top three sweetie!

    Gwen; you've got a heatwave too??? And locked out of your flat, how did that happen? Oh, Isolde Natasha Noor is really beautiful! I love it!

    Sessha mine; that's funny, Brigid feels like ice to me! Oh well, it would probably go off the list anyway as my mum hates the name (she rarely talks about names, but this one I know she hates). That book sounds good, I'll head right over to amazon when this is done! You don't like Natasha? I think it's gorgeous... Natasha Richardson, the chick in War and Peace, Black Widow, and oh, the most beautiful song Rufus Wainwright ever wrote. I love this name. It's so soft, shiny, cosy, warm and safe. Anyway, I love her. But we can disagree every once in a while, right? And, wohoo, you did the switch-a-roo! I thought of it after I posted, but didn't bother editing... and that is exactly what I feel when I hear/say the name too!!!! Yay, soulmate . I love the other ones you suggested too, Heleyne Euphrosyne in particular! Thank you so much my sweet!

    Reverie; no no, Euphrosyne's still in! Thanks for your top three, and I think you (and Gwen) are right about Synneve Heleyne.
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    My favourite from your last group of options is Isolde Heleyne Elbereth. Second place would be Isolde Natasha Solenne. Not keen on Astrid.
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    Oh, Astrid! Happy dance time again! I absolutely adore the name Astrid but the only thing I ever got to use it for was a Paladin when playing AD&D. DH thought it was too much. AND it is wonderful with Isolde. Isolde Astrid Anything-at-all will be the top of my list.

    My favorites:
    Isolde Astrid Heleyne - Gorgeous - full stop.
    Isolde Lothiriel Astrid
    Isolde Lothiriel Aurora

    I also like:
    Isolde Astrid Aurora - I am such a sucker for alliteration
    Isolde Tinuviel Mab - Lothiriel and Mab just seem dissonant to me, but Mab is cool.
    Isolde Aurora Snow - Oh my! She shines with silver moonlight in my imagination.

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    Isolde Elbereth Heleyne is the way I prefer it too, I was just copying yours since I assumed it had been purposely flipped.
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