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    I don't really have any suggestions for you, but I'm very charmed by this thread.

    I really love

    Isolde Elbereth Snow &
    Isolde Euphrosyne Winter.

    They're so pretty. And I almost love Isolde Lothiriel Aurora; normally I'm a big, big fan of Aurora, but I'm not sure I do like it as much with the other two. It's almost as if a cheerleader had showed up in fantasyland, or something.

    Good luck!

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    Isolde Astrid Heleyne is marvellous, so is Isolde Natasha Euphrosyne but it can't quite beat the beauty of Isolde Astrid Heleyne. I also really love Isolde Lothiriel Astrid and Isolde Olwen Eurydice. I think pairing Isolde with Astrid would be so wonderful. Heleyne is absolutely gorgeous. I have never really cared for either Helene, Helena or Elaine, but Heleyne has won me over completely
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    Isolde Astrid Heleyne (ooh, I love this one!) or Isolde Lothiriel Astrid would be my choices - if Eurydice can't fit in because of Orpheus (*sniff*) then "divinely beautiful" Astrid also sounds perfect with Isolde. Good luck!

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    Lexie; I like Periwinkle too! It's über-cute! I think you're right about Nuvs, it's weird. Husband thinks it's silly to "save" a name for a future baby girl we might not even have, so he suggested Tinuviel as he knows how much I love it. And yes, there was some serious name nerdiness there! teehee. And you're right about Snow I think. Husband isn't head over heels with it anyway... he thinks it's a wanna be hippie name.

    Whirlie; I actually thought about Ophelia last night. But then I remembered Morgana... and that's where she belongs. Ophelia and Natasha reminds me of each other though, they're both like a thick soft blanket of beautiful white snow.

    Emma; I always love your comments, you've got a way with words... I loved your "what kind of...?" comments. Hilarious! And you're right about Mab. She should shine in the front. Hope you'll have one ! I'm excited to see you like Isolde Natasha Solenne, I'm very partial to Natasha at the moment. I really love Isolde Noor Heleyne, it's absolutely gorgeous. About Noor, I know it's Arabic so I absolutely get what you see, but it's so close to the Norwegian word for north, so to me it's all icy and cold!

    Gwen; yeah, what have you been up to? Going to classes is not an excuse, haha! Okay... I actually don't pronounce Astrid with a -d at all! In Norway it's AH-stree, so that's how I've always said it. Isolde Elbereth Noor, I really like this! So cold and snowy.

    Victoria; Yay, goodie! Solly's such a cute nickname by the way. I tried to find the thread where I asked for nickname ideas a few days ago, but because of the search-problems I couldn't find it and I couldn't remember the gorgeous idea for Isolde. And here you said it, so thank you!

    JTucker; Thank you! The more I think about it, the more I love Isolde with Aphrodite. Yeah, I thought it would be a bit corny with Lyonesse... besides, I think of lions, and lions and snow is all confusing in my head. Isolde Lucia Heleyne is beautiful, thank you!

    Jenevieve; thank you! And Isa is cute too.

    Sorceress; thank you! And Isolde Brigid Amoret is lovely.

    Olympia; Solly is cute isn't it? This far I'm thinking Solly and Sol. Both adorable.

    Boy&Girl; Cleopatra's still in there, did her combo already. Cleopatra Phoebe Atalanta!

    Anna; aaw, that's so sweet! Your comment made me laugh! Thank you.

    Elja; yay, another Heleyne fan! I think it's breathtaking. I'm still amazed that it exists, almost. Haha! Yes, I love Astrid with Isolde too. It's so gorgeous... but I really love Natasha too, but I don't love Natasha and Astrid together. So what do I do. I thought maybe I could put Astrid with Zenobia or Nimue, or maybe even Gwenllian. Too difficult! Thank you !

    Cio; yes, those two are lovely. Divinely beautiful Astrid should have a place, you're right!

    Just wanted to clear this up for everyone (who will read this): We don't say the -d in Astrid. In Norway it's pronounced AH-stree, so that's how I've grown up saying it.

    So I'm pretty set on either Isolde Natasha or Isolde Astrid or Isolde Heleyne. One of these must be involved, but whether the name's in the first or second middle spot doesn't matter (well, I really love Natasha right after Isolde, but the other two aren't such a big deal).

    Isolde Natasha Lothiriel (sorry Emma, I still like this )
    Isolde Natasha Solenne
    Isolde Natasha Clemency

    Isolde Astrid Heleyne
    Isolde Lothiriel Astrid

    Isolde Synneve Heleyne
    Isolde Heleyne Amoret
    Isolde Noor Heleyne
    Isolde Heleyne Elbereth
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    Isolde Annora Heleyne
    Isolde Gywneira Brigid [mn means white snow]

    Talini [means snow angels]
    Fanndis [means snow lady]

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