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    I love Isolde!

    I will be the person who puts their hand up to say they kind of liked the idea of Icicle. Mainly because I love this blurb/picture/thing so much: It is Icesis/Isis I think I really love though.

    Combo ideas
    Isolde Heleyne Briallen - The image of tiny, hardy, beautiful primrose for me is always blooming through snow, sometimes even before the crocuses... flowers of February, long-preceding spring, but fearless in the cold. And in the middle no one cares that Briallen is not phonetic. Or I don't, anyway.
    Isolde Heleyne Icesis
    Isolde Lucasta Heleyne - Lucasta is maybe too thematic with Heleyne but I love the image of brilliant, shining light on snow, the silvery glitter and the image of pine needles each perfectly encased in ice. Leocadia would work too. I have never successfully decided between Lucasta and Leocadia.

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    Ooh, lovely! I adore snowy winter names. Delicious sparkly sweet frosting names. Yum. Heleyne is pretty, I've never seen it. I can't help but pronounce the H though. My two favorites are Isolde Olwen Eurydice and Isolde Heleyne Elbereth. Have you considered Khione or Chione?

    Isolde Khione Lyonesse (I think the Tristan connection is rather sweet)
    Isolde Khione Heleyne
    Isolde Elbereth Snow
    Islolde Persephone Winter
    Isolde Brigid Lothiriel (Tolkien, though the name may be more spring like, it's so pretty and reminds me of Christmas bells though)

    PS: Nameberry is being silly, and is stuck on this page, and getting me to login again (and again). I've clicked submit several times, hopefully this posts once, and not a million times.
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    Ah, i've been waiting for this one! My twin girls in my fantasy parallel universe would be Isolde and Eira- so utterly romantic; luscious and crisp at the same time. I also love Isolde with clear, crisp Alba, Pearl, Yvaine and, gosh, Heleyne (what a find!). I also feel like it needs a warm name too, a lovely cable-knit-cashmere-blanket name like Clemency, Ceridwen, Eos, Cosima. Maybe:

    Isolde Clemency Eira (my fave!)
    Isolde Heleyne Eos
    Isolde Ceridwen Alba
    Isolde Cosima Yvaine
    Isolde Clemency Pearl
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    How did I miss it yesterday? By the way, lovely title.
    Now, beauty Isolde. Probably my second fave for you after Gwen. I remember you say her with -uh on the end, right? And middles! You can't ask me and expect me not to claim Winter is the best! For spring babes as well...
    But sweetie, I may even love Snow for you better, how would you feel about Isolde smth Snow? And perhaps snowdrop.I guess Isolde Persephone Snow has already been suggested and it's superb, Isolde Hermione Snow also is.
    I added a few (mostly winter-ish) middles, OK?
    Isolde Persephone Winter (whoa, pretty close to Nell's name so I obviously love it)
    Isolde Proserpine Brigid
    Isolde Lyonesse Eurydice (Lyonesse is so cool, maybe Leocadia as well?)
    Isolde Leocadia Heleyne
    Isolde Olwen Tabitha
    Isolde Olympia Frostine (oh, I love love love Frostine! And Olympia may be for Olympics.)

    Isolde Persephone Frostine (double f!)
    Isolde Snejana Elbereth/Elbereth Snejana (Snejana means "snowy one", isn't it cool? I know an adorable Snejana!)
    Isolde Natalia/Natasha Zephyrine
    Isolde Eira/Eirwen Melusine
    Isolde Eira/Eirwen Synneve
    Isolde Neva Persephone
    Isolde Noelie Seren
    And just with your middles:
    Isolde Icicle Heylene
    Isolde Olwen Lyonesse
    Isolde Brigid Psrsephone
    Isolde Ivy Brigid
    Isolde Clemence/Clemency Sunneva
    And I love Sessha's idea of Gwyneira very much for you. Bronwen, Alba, Luz, Lior, Bianca, Candida(ok, tricky), Rosalba are all lovely names connected to snow, white shades or Christmas lights.
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    Katie; Isolde Olwen Nimue is pretty, but inmy head it doesn't quite make sense.

    Belle; icicles are frozen water hanging from wherever the water's been running/dripping and frozen into tips. When we were little, we used to break them off and pretend they were lollipops! Icicle's a song by my favourite musician too. Isolde Elbereth Winter & Isolde Eurydice Brigid are beautiful, thank you. Thisbe I do not like, it sounds so bloodless.

    Sweetpea; Isolde Heleyne Clemency is beautiful. I love how cosy Clemency is.

    Sesshie; teehee, I know. It works that way for me too. I desperately want to use Isolde though... it's just perfect for a little winter girl. Suggestions, let me see. I love Euphrosyne, it sounds like waterfalls crashing and foaming into the winter rivers. Snow, oh, how I love Snow. It's my favourite thing, and my favourite OUAT character. Isolde feels a bit like Snow too (Snow and that Cinderella charcater I mentioned are quite similar, actually). I like all the names you mentioned, I do love Gwyneira... but that would rule out Gwen for a future girl. Snow though... I knew someone was going to suggest Lyra when I linked the seventh photo. I do love it, and it would be a sweet connection to Marian (things they can enjoy being named after when they're children), Clara's beautiful but not for my child (but Christmas related things are fine, in my home it's yule all winter long). Alcyone's beautiful and I know it's a winter name, but I imagine still oceans when I hear Alcyone, not snow. Husband thinks Demeter is stupid (sad face), I like the idea of Beira, but I don't like the name itself, Astrid is lovely, will put on the list, and Celeste is pretty but Husband said insubstantial and Eirlys... pretty but nope. He thinks Bianca sounds whiny. As for your combos, I love the most the ones you bolded (shocker!) and Isolde Eurydice Astrid. Thank you so much sweetie!

    Dina; oh, I'd love to do that ! I usually hate random y's too, but not in this one. Heleyne is perfect! I'm glad you like Isolde Heleyne Synneve, in my head it's perfect snowy beauty. Isolde Sunneva Heleyne is gorgeous too! I'm not a combo queen either, I actually think I'm the Queen of Clunky Combos; but hey, I'm British, we can't put things like that together.

    Lex; yay! You've seen it! Isn't it magical? It's my favourite thing... I pronounced Isolde the German/Norwegian way, ee-ZOL-du/deh. Much prettier methinks. Isolde Persephone Winter is beautiful, Isolde Wenhaver Brigid, Isolde Gwyneira Noor, Isolde Elbereth Seren and Isolde Lyonesse Mab (I've been crushing wildly on Mab since Emma started talking about it!). Great job, Lexie!!

    Bonfire; happens to me all the time! Such a snooze... I like Isolde Heleyne Persephone, very ice-queenish! Isolde Juliet Guinevere is so gorgeous but maybe too much? I actually don't mind Juliet with Isolde, but Guinevere... she was based on Isolde, so for me that's too repetitive. Belphoebe's no longer on any of my lists (except my GP one) as Husband doesn't love it, and Hespera's coming up with Zenobia, just you wait and see. Thanks so much!

    Lulu; I really love Isolde Lumi Eurydice! Thank you!

    Stripey; yay, I love the bewitching blog too. Icicle's one of my favorite songs, so it feels kind of perfect in here. I really love Isolde Heleyne Briallen, so pretty! Lucasta is one of those names that's like doom to me, I feel like I can see the end, the world eaten up by horror when I hear/see this name.

    EricaFeyFey; Ah, I love Khione. I'm still clinging to this tiny little thread of hopethat Husband will suddenly one day wake up adoring Ceridwen, and that I can use my Ceridwen Khione Solenne combo. That's why I'm hesitant to use it here... but it would be utter perfection of course. All your combos are incredibly stunning, I think my favourite is Isolde Brigid Lothiriel, it does sound exactly like tiny silver bells! But I also love love love Isolde Khione Heleyne and Isolde Elbereth Snow. Oh, thank you so much.

    Freya; Isn't Heleyne a find? I was so thrilled when I discovered it! Isolde Cosima Yvaine is beautiful, and Isolde Ceridwen Alba too. Thank you!

    Victoria; yup, we say ee-ZOL-duh/deh (something like that). Isolde Hermione Snow is very pretty, and as this Baba's Godmother played Hermione in The Winter's Tale, it would be a fitting tribute! So many good ones, I need to pick out a few: Isolde Persephone Winter, Isolde Proerpine Brigid, Isolde Clemence Sunneva, Isolde Natasha Zephyrine (although Husband isn't too crazy about Zephyrine, we both adore Natasha, it would've been this ones name if we hadn't changed Roo's name), Isolde Icicle Heleyne and Isolde Olwen Tabitha. Leocadia is soooo pretty but it feels hot and summery, a regal lioness. You should use it for your next child.

    Thanks all, I will be back with a list of names approved by Husband.
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