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    I love Isolde!

    I will be the person who puts their hand up to say they kind of liked the idea of Icicle. Mainly because I love this blurb/picture/thing so much: It is Icesis/Isis I think I really love though.

    Combo ideas
    Isolde Heleyne Briallen - The image of tiny, hardy, beautiful primrose for me is always blooming through snow, sometimes even before the crocuses... flowers of February, long-preceding spring, but fearless in the cold. And in the middle no one cares that Briallen is not phonetic. Or I don't, anyway.
    Isolde Heleyne Icesis
    Isolde Lucasta Heleyne - Lucasta is maybe too thematic with Heleyne but I love the image of brilliant, shining light on snow, the silvery glitter and the image of pine needles each perfectly encased in ice. Leocadia would work too. I have never successfully decided between Lucasta and Leocadia.

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