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    A Song of Ice and Snow: Middles for Isolde

    Isolde's my winter girl. She's soft new snow, hoarfrost on the trees, ice on the river and pond, killer icicles hanging from, well, everywhere. The glittering shimmering look of gorgeous white snow, the way it looks under starshine. The starry starry skies, the cold clean clear air, the way you need to be outside even though it's way too cold. I love how the world changes when snow comes, how quiet it gets, and how warm the cold feels. The feeling of walking on snow. Snow falling softly outside, wrapped in cosiness by fire and candlelight inside. Snow angels, snow bunnies, snowy owls, wooly little lambs and arctic foxes. Isolde's enchanting, magical, soft and warm, yet fierce and protective, passionate and strong. Maybe a cross bow, some skates and a kicksled, dressed in wool and fur from top to toe. Skiing and skating until toes are frozen and you can't feel them anymore. Cuddles with mummy... hot chocolate with lots of marshmallow by the fire, thick woolen socks, the smell of cinnamon, roses and baking. And candles. Lots and lots of candles.
    There's a Cinderella movie from the 70's, a Check German thing, and Cinderella in this is exactly how I imagine Isolde. But I doubt anyone's seen it... It's Christmas tradition in Norway, and Husband, being half Check, has grown up watching it too.

    What I've come up with:
    Isolde Heleyne Synneve
    Isolde Heleyne Eurydice
    Isolde Olwen Eurydice (not taking credit for this one, someone else clever made the pairing of O and E)
    Isolde Heleyne Elbereth

    Names on our list for middles:

    *Husband admitted he didn't love Elaine and wanted to use Helene or Helena instead. I felt those two removed the name from Elaine of Astolat (and she's the reason I love the name), even though there were (are!) some great Helene and Helena's. So I did some digging and found Heleyne, an old medieval version of Helene, pronounced just like Elaine only with an h at the beginning, and we both love it.
    **Ridiculous as Tristan came from Lyonesse?
    ***Variant of Sunniva. Means sun-gift which is rather perfect for my little babe.

    I'm happy to take suggestions as long as they've got a decent history. And combo suggestions are of course very appreciated!

    Sights and sounds:
    one - two - three- four - five - six - seven - eight(sound)

    Regarding the title, I simply couldn't resist...
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    I most like Olwen, either with Eurydice or Persephone. Beautiful without being too much.
    Definite no to Icicle & Winter!
    New username is @ truenature

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    Oh, I just noticed your signature. Isolde Olwen Nimue could be pretty awesome too.
    New username is @ truenature

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    Oh , I adore Isolde !!

    Some suggestions :

    Isolde Elbereth Winter
    Isolde Olwen Lucia
    Isolde Winter Heleyne / Isolde Heleyne Winter
    Isolde Eurydice Brigid
    Isolde Bellicent Heleyne
    Isolde Thisbe Bellicent

    Isolde Olwen Eurydice is lovely imo .

    I wanted to pair Persephone with Isolde but i cant find sounds that match . So frustrated .

    PS : If you dont mind can you tell me what Icicle was .

    EDIT : I also like Thisbe , Nephele & Leto with Isolde .
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    I just love Isolde and Heleyne in a combo together,particularly because Heleyne means light and the idea of winter moonlight glittering off icicles in the forest takes my breath away.
    Isolde Heleyne Clemency makes me smile, a beautiful walk through an icy forest bathed in moonlight followed by the mercy of a roaring fire and hot chocolate.

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