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    My fave of your combos...
    Isolde Olwen Eurydice (not taking credit for this one, someone else clever made the pairing of O and E)

    Names on our list for middles:
    Brigid - love
    Clemency - nice one
    Elbereth - dislike
    Eurydice - nice one too
    Heleyne* - dislike
    Icicle - dislike
    Lucia - OK
    Lyonesse** - dislike
    Olwen - OK
    Persephone - OK
    Seren - OK
    Synneve/Sunneva*** - prefer Sunniva
    Winter - love

    Isolde Lucia Winter
    Isolde Brigid Persephone
    Isolde Olwen Clemency
    Isolde Brigid Winter
    Isolde Eurydice Brigid
    Isolde Ellisif Lucia
    Isolde Leontine Winter
    Isolde Brigid Melusine
    Isolde Bradamante Alena
    Isolde Bradamante Winter
    Isolde Bradamante Maia
    Seraphina Isolde Paige Cressida Melody Charlotte Cecily Despina Bridget Rosalyn Cvijeta Dorothea Millicent Gwenllian Beatrice Aurora Rosamund Matilda Nimue Sunniva Giselle Griselda Amoret Helena Anastasia Elaine Isabella Briseis Freya Blanche Paisley Flora Robin Magnus Percy Tristan Ansel Lysander Arthur Edmund Balthazar Dimitri Emil Amaury Erik Dylan Dorian Florian Gustav Harley Roland Ludwig Arlo Orpheus Amadeus Lucius Remy Thorin Hugo Edgar David Beowulf Wesley Roman Sylvan Maximilian Storm

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    Of your combos my favorites are Isolde Heleyne Synneve and Isolde Heleyne Elbereth, neither can be improved and both make me almost hesitant to suggest any more combos because they are so perfect! But the fun of making combos wins out I really like your middles list for this one, but Synneve/Sunneve, Elbereth, and Heleyne are my favorites.
    Isolde Synneve Elbereth
    Isolde Astrid Synneve
    Isolde Olwen Elberth
    Isolde Brigid Heleyne
    Isolde Astrid Heleyne
    Isolde Winter Elbereth
    Isolde Olwen Heleyne
    Isolde Astrid Lucia
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    That description you gave is making me kind of fall in love with Isolde!

    Some suggestions:

    Isolde Olwen Anastasia - Too much tragic princesses? But they're just so pretty together...
    Isolde Khione Sonja - My first association with Sonja is always Sonja Henie, so she seems kind of perfect for an ice babe.
    Isolde Veronika Seren
    Isolde Nehalennia Signe
    Isolde Persephone Heleyne
    Isolde Sunneva Winter
    Isolde Brigid Clemency
    Isolde Hermione Lucia
    Isolde Lidwina Yvaine - Lidwina is the patron saint of ice skaters. Truthfully, she's a bit clunky for my tastes, but I thought I would suggest her anyway!
    Isolde Verdandi Aurora - Aurora Borealis, obviously.
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    Isolde Olwen Eurydice is enchanting - Isolde and Eurydice especially go together well in my head. Have you considered Helaine? It's a medieval form of Elaine, so it still very much evokes Elaine of Astolat, but seems slightly more magical, much as I do love Elaine. Perhaps Isolde Eurydice Helaine?

    Isolde Aleydis Seren
    Isolde Tarana Eurydice - makes me think of snowy, silver flutes at dawn
    Isolde Asdis Eurydice
    Isolde Sunneva Adlais
    Isolde Eurydice Lyris
    Isolde Helaine Katriel
    Isolde Eurydice Snow
    Isolde Helaine Araceli

    Sorry if you hate all of these, but good luck - I cannot express how much I love your imagery!

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    Sorceress; I like Isolde Brigid Persephone and Isolde Lucia Winter! Thank you.

    Averella; thank you! The Isolde Heleyne Synneve one is my favourite. From your suggestions my loves are Isolde Astrid Synneve, Isolde Astrid Heleyne and Isolde Brigid Heleyne.

    Muffin; yay, great! Sonja, how could I forget this one! Isolde Khione Sonja is gorgeous. Isolde Veronika Seren, Isolde Sunneva Winter, Isolde Verdandi Aurora and Isolde Brigid Clemency are all beauties as well. Thank you so much!

    Ciottolo; I did consider Helaine, but it looks less esthetically pleasing to me than Heleyne. Isolde Eurydice Heleyne is gorgeous. Isolde Eurydice Snow and Isolde Sunneva Adlais are lovely too! The rest just didn't quite work for me, but I didn't hate them. Thank you for your suggestions!
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