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    Can you use a variation of Amy? Such as Amorette? (They both come from the French Amie -to love - I believe)...Rosalie ________ Amorette is really nice! Or Amabel or Amaryllis or something like that? What other names are you thinking about as the first name? I know someone whose daughters are named Cadence, Langley, and could do something like Corinne Rosalie Amorette or Rosalie Corinne Amabel....Another woman I know whose daughter's name is Cadence named her second daughter Sage....Sage Rosalie Amorette? If you do go for Amy Rosalie as the middle, I like another A name up front, to string those two together and break up the rhythm of Amy Rosalie a bit. Something like Adelaide Amy Rosalie or Audra Amy Rosalie or Annika Amy Rosalie might work...Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by abbyann View Post
    My husband Is the pickiest girl-name-chooser ever. He likes only two in All the name berry lists and searches so far: Reece (I veto) and Rosalie.

    I like Rosalie! However. I want Amy as a middle name because it is my mothers name. Our first daughter has her very own first name and two middle names, both of which are family names. I'd love to make that pattern a tradition. I really like how "Amy Rosalie" sounds together, but cannot find a first name that my husband also likes. Our last name is one syllable starting with S.

    I get really tired of husbands who effectively get to choose the name by vetoing pretty much everything but one kind. In your case he is even more unfair. My own tried that with me and it took a month or so before I realized I had been duped. My suggestion is that you either force him to come up with his own list of 20 names or else you tell him he can pick his top five from your own list. Put that foot down mama.

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    What about Amelia nicknamed Amy or another Rose name? have a huge amount of name if you haven't look there yet. is another good site that may help. You can enter names you both like and it will suggest names ideas that they get from them.

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    Rosalie Amy is rhymey but still beautiful, I love both names. Maybe you can use a variation/sound-alike of Amy, such as Amoret, Amore, Amity, Amelie(a), Amabel. Amy Rosalie is stunning too.

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