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    Rosalie throws a wrench...

    My husband Is the pickiest girl-name-chooser ever. He likes only two in All the name berry lists and searches so far: Reece (I veto) and Rosalie.

    I like Rosalie! However. I want Amy as a middle name because it is my mothers name. Our first daughter has her very own first name and two middle names, both of which are family names. I'd love to make that pattern a tradition. I really like how "Amy Rosalie" sounds together, but cannot find a first name that my husband also likes. Our last name is one syllable starting with S.


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    What is your first daughter's name?
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    I prefer Rosalie as a first name with Amy as a second middle name.

    The combination would be Rosalie __ Amy (surname)

    Rosalie Pandora Amy
    Rosalie Matilda Amy
    Rosalie Elizabeth Amy
    Rosalie Charlotte Amy
    Rosalie Gabriella Amy
    Rosalie Katherine Amy
    Rosalie Isabella Amy
    Rosalie Juliet Amy

    But back to the original combination Amy Rosalie __ (surname)

    Amy Rosalie Caitlin
    Amy Rosalie June
    Amy Rosalie Ellen
    Amy Rosalie Belle
    Amy Rosalie Willow
    Amy Rosalie Peyton

    To be honest the flow of Amy Rosalie is completely off the 'y' ending of Amy runs into the 'lie' ending of Rosalie causing the whole combination to have an icky flow. You either need a name in between Amy and Rosalie so the combination would look like this:

    Amy ___ Rosalie

    (suggestions for this combination: Amy Eloisa Rosalie, Amy Scarlett Rosalie, Amy Olympia Rosalie, Amy Natasha Rosalie)

    Or Rosalie ___ Amy suggestions above for this combination because the run of Amy Rosalie is just completely off. In all honesty Rosalie is my favourite girl's name at the moment (my naming list is under complete reconstruction though) she's stunning has this lovely elegant sound and range of gorgeous nicknames such as Rosie, Rose, and Rosa. I would use Rosalie as the first name and then Amy as the second middle name.

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    Cadence. Her middle names are not terribly unusual, but not common. They are family names.

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    I also like Rosalie as a first name, with ______ and Amy as a second middle name.

    Maybe something music related since you went with Cadence for your first.
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