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Thread: Braham, v2

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    I'd say Bram, but I say Graham very closely to Gram.
    It made me think someone mixed Graham and Bram and got confused, but knowing it's a place name helps—if the place is significant.

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    BRAY-um and BRAM sound exactly the same the way I pronounce them -- like Graham with a B. I would say Braham the same way I say Brahm (like Brahms but without the s), and I LOVE this name. For the record (though I'm not proud of it), I am very quick to roll my eyes at "made-up" names or names that seem like they were meant to get attention and this does not seem like one of those names to me. This seems like a real, established name, and a sophisticated (but not pretentious) one at that. I don't know if it IS a real name, but it really sounds like one, and I love it.

    Abram and Abraham are also really great. I prefer Abraham of the two, and it is incredibly adorable on a baby boy!

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    Hadn't given much thought that my way of saying graham crackers was wrong/not the only way! Because I was about to respond, "Braham, like graham crackers...'Bram, Gram'" Hmm.
    If I try to say it like brayum (as others have replied), I sound waaaaay too country for my liking! Bra-ham (like Abraham) isn't very obvious of a pronunciation option to me, strangely.

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    I would say Braham like this: BRAY-yum. It's my accent. I also say Abraham AY-bruh-hay-um; Graham is gray-yum - as is the measurement of grams. My Southern accent might be a little grating to some, but for what it's worth, I think Braham great. Ingram and Abraham are both on my boys list, which I feel are similar.

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