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    CAF -- A Royal Life PART 2

    Part 1:

    Dice: (choose 6 faced dice)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

    You want a BIG way to announce your pregnancy. You haven’t even told (PRINCE) yet! So, you decide to (roll dice)…

    ODD: Hold a ball and invite the whole kingdom. Everyone is dressed in their finest, and you take the opportunity near the end of the ball that you are pregnant with the next heir to the throne! Everyone is thrilled, especially (PRINCE). There is so much happiness in the room, you know this is going to be the start of something great!

    EVEN: You have a picnic where you invite anyone and everyone. For dessert, you give everyone a teacake wrapped in a little (clean!) baby diaper. At that moment, your mother, (MOTHER'S NAME) asks what is going on. Not being able to contain your joy, you scream out "I'm expecting!". (PRINCE) starts crying tears of joy. Your in-laws and parents are elated. The rest of the kingdom can't stop cheering! This is such a happy occasion.

    (PRINCE) is so excited to become a father. He's making sure everything is ready for the big day. He even sets up your birthing team when you're only 12 weeks along!

    You were very surprised when your best friend, (HER NAME) threw you a baby shower! It took place (roll the dice)...
    1. in the castle garden
    2. in your cabin by the Caspian Sea
    3. in the parlor of the castle
    4. in your chateau in Iceland
    5. in (FRIEND'S NAME)'s house
    6. at the beach

    You had such a fun time at the shower! You played the funniest games, and were glad to have the company of all of your good friends there. Not to mention, you did grab a few gifts for the baby! Some of your favorites were __________________________________ (your choice).

    Time flew by fast during the pregnancy. Before you knew it, you were holding your beautiful baby in you arm. It was a ______ named _______________________! You and (PRINCE) felt so blessed to have such a beautiful child.

    --Roll the dice for gender:
    ODD: girl
    EVEN: boy
    --Choose name from this list: (fn and 2 mns)

    One of the most fun parts about getting ready for a baby was the nursery! Here is how it looked (roll dice)...

    1 or 4:
    2 or 5:
    3 or 6:
    1 or 4: http://www.interiordesigninspiration...-baby-room.jpg
    2 or 5:
    3 or 6:

    Life with (BABY) is going very well! He/she is a very cute baby, full of personality and life. The best thing about (BABY) is ______________________________ (your choice).

    You and (PRINCE) love being parents! So much, that one (BABY) was 18 months old, you extended your family in a slightly different way -- you welcomed a royal pet into the mix! It's a (roll dice)...
    1. dog
    2. cat
    3. goldfish
    4. horse
    5. hamster
    6. parrot
    (you choose gender and name)

    All is going well in your kingdom! (BABY) is doing well, (PRINCE) is becoming a successful leader, and you're finally getting the hang of this queen thing!

    Even better, you make an announcement to your family one night, when (BABY) is already 2 1/2...
    "I think I want to adopt a child."

    To be continued...

    (7 replies and I'll post part 3!)

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