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    my top three are:
    Matthew, I think the nn Matty is adorable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    Just out of curiosity, where in Europe is Petar the preferred spelling? I've researched European variants of Peter, for a story I hope to write in the future, and not once have I come across Petar! I've come across Peder and Pieter and Piero and Pierrot and Pierre and Pietro and many other variants, but I've never seen Petar? Unless you know where it's used, and you identify with that nationality, I would probably stick to Peter (which also happens to be the German spelling).

    If I had to pick a top 3 from your options, I would pick Peter, Henry, and either Lukas or Matthew. I don't care for Lucas, but something about the European "K" makes it so much more appealing. I think Lukas is quite cool.
    Thanks for your feedback. Petar is eastern European and my husband has an old school friend there with the name. from my research it is used widely through Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia etc. I also know of a 2 year old Petar who spelled it this way as their family had similar routes. We still have immediate family in eastern-euro and although it's nice for them to feel familiar with pronunciation it is not a priority in our name choice as we need to choose what's right for us first & foremost, we do tend to prefer Euro spelling on most names due to this connection & for their phonetic translation.

    I also forgot to put Tomas on my list.

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    Loving yr opinions. I think I'm leaning towards James, Lukas (perhaps this full name would allow both nicknames of Luke & Luka - as I still feel undecided which I prefer), Peter, Matthew. I'm still loving Oliver too & flirting with them all back & fourth hence why your comments are so very valued! Please keep sharing

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    1. Luka - I've just always loved this name
    2. Matthew - I see it as a strong, handsome name and I love that it's both classic and biblical. I love Matty as a nn, but not Matt.
    3. Miles - Just like how it roles off the tongue.
    4. Peter - Classic!
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