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Thread: Tristan or Owen

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    I like Tristan because I think, "what a charming name"; and then I see Owen and think, "what a manly name"; so it's really quite hard for me to decide. But, thinking it over, I can picture both a charming and a rugged Tristan, while Owen brings to mind only rugged. So yes, I think Tristan wins : )
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    I like Tristan Owen a lot.

    if you need to decide between the two, Owen is currently a bit more popular - ranking in the 30s as opposed to Tristan (80s). Both names are rising in popularity though.

    I'd personally pick Tristan.

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    Both are great choices. Tristan as a romantic, elegant sound. He feels soft. Owen has a rugged, handsome vibe. He feels very tough boy.

    I would go with Tristan because it's almost like your just having last minute jitters and jumping onto Owen because of your jitters over Tristan. Go with Tristan and use Owen as a back-up choice in case your little lad doesn't look like a Tristan.

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    I prefer Owen. I have never cared for Tristan. My first thought is Legends of the Fall, which I thought was a horrible, depressing movie. Don't shoot me, I know most girls tend to love it. Plus, I have met several female Tristan's.

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    I am starting to feel like I prefer Owen more. Tristan was our initial name Owen is the most recent name and a name we discovered when I had started to feel relaxed about our pregnancy and newly entering parenthood. Hmmmm!? xx
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