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Thread: The final 10

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    Novalee- Dislike, as it seems to be mashing the trendy Nova and the trendy -lee suffix together.
    Peighton (only this spelling)- Dislike. Prefer the origional spelling.
    Hadley- Dislike, but it's not terrible. Hadley simply isn't my style.
    Nova- Dislike. Makes me think of the series on PBS.
    Felicity- Like this. Very spunky
    Willow- Like this too, sweet and mellow.
    Kenzie- Dislike. It seems like too much of a nickname.
    Haylee (I'm open for other spellings)- Prefer the Haley spelling, but still dislike. It's too popular for my tastes.
    Averi or Averie- Dislike this spelling. Prefer Avery on a boy.
    Kit- Like, but too much of a nickname.

    I think we have very different styles. My favorites on your list would be Avery (this spelling only), Felicity, and Willow.
    Hope that helps!

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    Novalee- not a fan, just another trendy made-up syllable+'lee' name
    Peighton (only this spelling)- I don't mind Payton, but this spelling looks ridiculous
    Hadley- I like this one. Unisex but not too boyish.
    Nova- Like this one too. Uncommon but not too weird.
    Felicity- Love it! However, if I heard someone talking about their kids, Felicity and Parker, I'd assume they had a girl and a boy.
    Willow- Very nice.
    Kenzie- Too juvenile
    Haylee (I'm open for other spellings)- I like Hailey, Hayley, or Haley, but not Haylee. The -lee ending looks cutesy and juvenile to me.
    Averi or Averie- I could get behind Avery, but I dislike these spellings. Avery is a fairly popular name, so spelling would constantly be an issue.
    Kit- Really cute! I like it as a nn for Katherine, but with a feminine middle name I think it's fine on its own.

    Felicity is my favourite overall, but I think Hadley or Avery (this spelling only- strongly dislike Averi and Averie) or maybe Nova would work best for you.
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    Novalee - Dislike, it seems made up, like you've just pushed two names together
    Peighton - Not a fan, I can barely stand Peyton, but spelt like this way looks ridiculous and makes it worse as your daughter would be constantly correcting people on how to say her name. Also, it reminds me of Peyton from One Tree Hill, which makes the name worse (I always hated Peyton.)
    Hadley - I'm on the fence for this one, I feel like I should like it because it's similar to Harper and I really like that, but there's just something off about Hadley, I think it has too much of a masculine feel to it for me to actually like it.
    Nova - Love, I just think this name is so magical and beautiful and just brings such wonderful imagery to mind.
    Felicity - Another of my favourites on your list, however as much as I love it, I think it is way too different from Parker for it to work as a sibling for Parker, I agree that it would be a good middle choice.
    Willow - I like it, but I'm not crazy about it, I think I've seen it so much that it's become almost bland.
    Kenzie - I kind of hate it. I suppose I prefer MacKenzie, but McKenzie to me is a sports brand that I'm more used to seeing printed down the side of someone's sweatpants than as an actual name. It just seems too trendy and isn't a name I can picture on anyone else other than a chavvy teenager.
    Haylee - I MUCH prefer Hayley or Hailey, I am pretty much indifferent about this other than my preference for certain spellings. It seems you like names with Lee/Leigh in them, if that has some meaning for you or you just like the name, then I'd put it as the mn.
    Averi or Averie - Dislike those spellings, really like Avery.
    Kit - I like Kit, it makes more sense as a nn for something like Katherine or Katie or for boys, Christopher. And while I do really like it, as a stand alone name it seems a bit insubstantial.

    My favourites would be: Nova, Avery, Felicity and Willow. I would also include Kit if it was used as a nn for a longer name.

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    My vote is for Hailey! Second is Kenzie! Both are soooo cute!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikayla View Post
    I've finally been able to cut down the list to the final 10.
    I am looking for opinions on these, hopefully more than just "like it" or "dislike it". Why do you like/dislike it?

    Peighton (only this spelling)
    Haylee (I'm open for other spellings)
    Averi or Averie
    Novalee - I dislike because it sounds made up, and Nova on its own has much more style and substance, IMO
    Peighton - I dislike it's too matchy with Parker
    Hadley - I really like this. It's spunky and goes nicely with Parker. It's my favourite for you.
    Nova - Cool, pretty, ethereal, I like it.
    Felicity - I am also reminded of the TV show. I don't think it goes very well with Parker either, I'd assume Parker was a boy.
    Willow - Lovely, but it's quite feminine to me, and I'd assume Parker was a boy again.
    Kenzie - Awful. Sorry. Sounds like a nickname, and a bit trashy.
    Haylee - Very 80's. I went to school with about 8 Hayley's.
    Averi - love it, excellent choice with Parker as its also unisex, but I prefer the traditional Avery spelling.
    Kit - also cool, but I prefer Averi and Hadley.

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