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Thread: The final 10

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    Novalee- I like Nova, but the -lee ending feels trendy and unnecessary.
    Peighton (only this spelling)- I've never understood the appeal of this name. It sounds like someone with a heavy Southern accent saying "painting", like, "I'm painting my fence." It also feels choppy to me.
    Hadley- This name feels trendy but actually has some weight to it due to the Hemingway connection. I think this name has a nice sound. It's fun to say. I like it.
    Nova- I like how this name has ties to astronomy and its meaning of "new."
    Felicity- This is a nameberry favorite I've just never cared for. I can't even tell you why, I just don't like it.
    Willow- Pretty, soft, with a nice nature connection.
    Kenzie- This feels so trendy and insubstantial. It makes me think of Alfred Kinsey, a sex researcher. While Kinsey was a very cool dude and I admire him greatly, I wouldn't really want that connection in my daughter's name.
    Haylee (I'm open for other spellings)- I prefer the spelling Hailey. I don't have any strong feelings for or against this name.
    Averi or Averie- I prefer the Averie spelling. I like Avery better than Averie.
    Kit- It makes me think of the American Girl. Kit was always my favorite. I prefer it as a nickname to a Christine variant however.

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    Novalee - I think I am far more in favor of Nova (nn) Leigh, I do not like this as one name.

    Peighton (only this spelling) - I'm on the fence with this. I do like the sound of the name, but I really dislike the spelling of the name. It
    feels hardened and I feel like she'll oftn time have to correct people who start to jot down the much more recognizable peyton.

    Hadley - This name is fine, but is neither something I very much like or very much dislike. It's very pretty, and could work quite well, I just feel like it's NMS.

    Nova - I've seen this being suggested a few time now. At first I wasn't really a fan, and I'd like to say its growing on me, because of not only how beautiful this sounds, but also the images it elicits when I think of the name. However, I have seen this name used on quite a few animals, and for that reason, I do not feel I can picture it on a person.

    Felicity - I really like this. It sounds beautiful, and I love the meaning of it.

    Willow - I'm meh on this. Not really for a particular reason, it's just really not something I like.

    Kenzie - Would it be just Kenzie, or a nn for Mackenzie? Either way I think it's playful and fun and I like it.

    Haylee (I'm open for other spellings) - I like this name very much but not this spelling. Hayleigh or Hailey would be my preferences.

    Averi or Averie - This has been my top choice for a girl. I eally like the rie spelling, although I know it's not very popular with other berries.

    Kit - Feels very masculine to me.
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    Novalee- I prefer Nova.
    Peighton- I don't like it. I would prefer the Payton spelling.
    Hadley- While generally not my style, I like Hadley. Parker and Hadley sound good together
    Nova- I believe this is better than Novalee. However I feel like Parker and Nova are too different sounding.
    Felicity- I love this name. But I kind of agree that they are slightly mismatched. Felicity is very feminine and Parker is more of a unisex name. Although I don't think it would be too bad.
    Willow-nms but it is a nice name.
    Kenzie- I don't like it. Maybe a nn?
    Haylee- Not a fan especially with this spelling. I would prefer Hayley.
    Averi or Averie- nms.
    Kit- Nickname only.
    My favorite for you is Hadley.
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    Novalee Meh. I don't dislike it but I like it either. It's a literary/movie name. (Where the Heart Is) I hope/would assumed you liked either the movie or the book. It's not my favorite, but its' ok.
    Peighton Dislike Not sure about the spelling. She will correct people all the time about the spelling. In general trendy names seem worst when the have like four or five spellings all popular: (like braden, Braeden, Brayden, etc.) I might like this as a middle name or if it honors someone.
    Hey I just realized it will Parker and Peighton, which to me is too matchy. If you have more children or think you might have more children, then will the next ones be Paisley, Parsley, Paige, Piper, etc. ?
    I think it's too much for me.

    Hadley is my short list of unisex names I like for a girl. It goes the best with Parker. From your list it's my choice.
    Nova It's ok. It seems like a boy's name (similar to Noah?). Still it goes with Parker.

    Felicity I love, but not as a first for you. I veto this name simply because I think it's too different with Parker. I don't think names have to be matchy, but it seems unfair to give a unisex surname to one daughter (as a first name) and then give the next daughter a really girly name. It would be good middle name like Hermione.

    Willow love!

    Kenzie I don't know. I think this is really trendy and done to death. If you like it, it could work.

    Hayley a little dated but could work. I prefer the Hayley Mills spelling.

    Averie I have a little cousin named Avery. Not sure on the spelling it could work.

    Kit. Not my favorite. Seems like more of a nickname.

    My favorites from your list:
    1. Hadley Willow
    2 Willow Felicity
    3. Hayley Peighton

    Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikayla View Post
    I've finally been able to cut down the list to the final 10.
    I am looking for opinions on these, hopefully more than just "like it" or "dislike it". Why do you like/dislike it?

    Peighton (only this spelling)
    Haylee (I'm open for other spellings)
    Averi or Averie
    Felicity and willow would be my top choices. I think they are feminine and the loveliest of your list. I am not a fan of unisex names at all as I have one so this eliminated Peighton, Hadley, and Averie. Novalee reminds me of a movie that I didn't really like and seems made up. Haylee seems overdone. Kit and Kenzie I prefer in longer forms.

    When I picture Felicity Willow I see a bright eyed little girl with joyful energy and a creative imagination. She grows up to care a great deal for others and to use her creativity to bring joy. I think this makes a good combo .

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