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    Six weeks. We dated for six weeks before I left to go travelling for 6 months and I knew then that I would feel awful leaving him behind. We sent a ridiculous number of emails and letters during that time, though

    I think it's ridiculous of your friend to say it's moving too fast because she didn't fall in love for months. Is her relationship the benchmark for all others, then? I say just be happy and enjoy the rush, love is wonderful
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    milasmama: aww that's sweet i'm glad you were able to communicate still and things worked out and btw your daughter's name is adorable! I never heard her mn before I came to this site, but I love it

    and yeah i agree..although I think at this point it's just jealous. Her relationship ended and now she's been increasing the whole "you guys are going too fast" commentary even more. I can't live my life based totally on hers though..
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    I met my husband at a youth camp (we were counselors) and we went to different states to college and din't see each other for another year, just emaiing as friends a few times. We thought about each other sometimes and dated other people. That next year we lived in the same city and finally started dating after hanging out with mutual groups of friends for 2 months. We dated about 8 months before getting engaged, had a two month engagement then got married. We've been happily married for ten years and have three kids. I definitely felt like it was a long enough time for us to date and engaged. The hardest part of our marriage has been since our 3rd child arrived (he is a horrible sleeper and a hard child to raise) which has added stress in our lives. My in laws got engaged after one month of dating and have been married about 35 years and so happy. I don't think the dragged our dating and year(s) long engagements are necessary. I think when you know you know, and dating longer isn't going to make marriage (kids, jobs, challenges, responsiblities etc.) any easier.

    I actually felt like I loved my husband just a few weeks after we'd been dating, and knew I could marry him. I think it took him a bit longer (but he'd also recently had his heart broken). We dated for about 6 mos before we said I love you and I waited for him to say it first. My father in laws favorite advice to give at weddings is "I hope today is the day you love each other the leat" meaning I hope your love grows and grows each day. It's like that Brad Paisley song "I thought I knew what love was" how your love grows over time. You think you love someone after dating a few months (and you can), but think of how much that love grows over time by the time you have weathered the storms of life together. I also believe, love has to be constantly fed to grow, by serving your partner and trying to see the good in each other.
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