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    Well, here are my answers to your questions.

    How long did it take you to realize you were in love or whatever? It took me about 3 months to really know I loved him, but my DH said I love you to me before we were ever officially dating He said it to me about a month after we met

    For those married/engaged, how long was it from when you started dating to your engagement? We met in May, started dating in July, and were engaged that December. We planned on getting married that next summer, but found out we were expecting a few days later so pushed the wedding back and got married 17 months later when our baby was 9 months old

    How did loved ones/friends react? They were all extremely supportive, however my family wanted me to finish college before we got married

    Did you care what anyone thought? No not at all because I loved him and that's all that mattered to me

    What, in your opinion, is a proper amount of time/speed for things? It depends on each person. I know people who date, get engaged, and get married in a matter of months, and I know people who have been dating for years and years before they get engaged. If you get engaged or married really quickly some people might say you need to slow down, but on the flip side if you take years to get engaged they will make comment about how "it's about time". No matter what, people will always have their own opinions (both good and bad), but the only opinions that really matters in your relationship is yours and your SOs. If you feel ready to take the next step in your relationship, then I'd say go for it.

    When did you start talking about future kids' names? When we were dating we once discussed baby names on a walk, but we really didn't seriously discuss names until we were expecting
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    My husband and I were friends for a couple years before we started dating. Once we started things moved very fast. I was head over heels in love with him in less then a month and we said it to each other for the first time less then a month into our relationship. We moved in together about five months in and got engaged around six months after we started dating. However we didn't get married until we'd been dating for nearly two years. I think we started talking about future kids names around the time we got engaged. I know that when we selected our two children's names. We also had some other names picked out but I'm not feeling them as much anymore so if we have a third we'll have to come up with a name.
    A lot of friends felt we were moving way too fast. I don't think they expected us to stay together. And our families were glad we were having a decently long engagement. Looking back I think we moved very quickly. But we're happy now and have been together for seven years, married for five with a three year old and a one year old.
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    I met my husband at 15. We became very close and good friends and got together roughly 2 years later. I married at 21 and we knew it was what we wanted. His family were extremely supportive as were my friends. Some of my family was too except for my mum and eldest sister. Now she's very happy and loves all of my kids lots. She's so happy. I didn't care what anyone else thought because we wanted to tie the knot and were in love. I knew I was in love once we were 16, so about a year after we met. I've always loved kids names so after the marrige we began discussing them deeply. Before marriage I would babble on about them and play games, whatever and search for new favourites but it wasn't serious till we expected our first. We've been married nearly 6 years and our eldest child is 5. We have a 2 year old and 1 year old baby.

    To be honest, falling in love is different for everyone. Some things happen very early when you're still young and some things happen later on when you're older. There isn't a perfect age or time imo. There is no "proper" speed or time for things to happen. Everyone is different and handles things differently.
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    I met Jem in December 2011. We became good friends, and we both realized that we wanted to be more than friends. We became a couple on new years eve. It took me like two weeks to realize that I loved him. Like, really loved him. I thought I had been in love before, and maybe I had, but not like this. He became my best friend, the one I could talk with everything about, someone who always was there. Our family and friends thought it was moving too fast though, and I understand them. We had a daughter in August 2012, we had been together for nearly 9 months then.
    But... If you love him, and things are feeling good, then don't worry about what your family and friends think. it doesn't matter if they think its moving too fast or not, what matters is what you and your boyfriend think
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    How long did it take you to realize you were in love or whatever? Probably about 15 months after we met/3 months before we begun dating (we had a VERY long want-to-date-but-can’t-for-whatever-reason period)

    For those married/engaged, how long was it from when you started dating to your engagement? My fiancé and I kind of “fell” into engagement – that is we don’t have a set “engaged” date. I’d say it was about 2 years into the relationship though that we both knew we’d be together forever, verbally said “we will get married someday”, yadayadayada.

    How did loved ones/friends react? They all love it. Familes love each other and everything. We both have groups of friends that are all not in relationships/serious relationships, so we’re the “adorable” couple for both friend groups.

    Did you care what anyone thought? No. My fiancé did have a brief period of caring when we were younger and our age different was more noticeable. At 15 and 18 he was very worried that his friends would judge him and whatever. By 16/19 he didn’t gaf.

    What, in your opinion, is a proper amount of time/speed for things? Everyone is different of course. If you want my honest opinion I definitely don’t think real “love” occurs after four months. Lust is probably the factor here, and that’s completely fine for the amount of time. Rushing into engagement and putting the “love” label on it is probably not something I would ever do, but to each their own.

    When did you start talking about future kids' names? About a year before we started dating when he was nothing more than my best friend. As it was my hobby it didn’t seem odd or anything like that – just a conversation about favorite names. We probably started talking about “our” kids after a year or so, but not all that seriously as we were teenagers/barely out of the teens.

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