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Thread: Lane?

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    What are you opinions on the name Lane for a boy?

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    I think of Lane Price from the series Mad Men. I quite liked his character (even though he tragically killed himself).

    That's the only association I have with the name. I think it has a tendency to sound a little feminine, so I would pair it with a traditionally masculine middle name.

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    My roommate's boyfriend is named Lane! It isn't feminine at all. I like it.
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    I always think girl, because Lois Lane. It could easily work as a nickname for a boy, I think, but I'm not sure what boy's name would give you Lane.
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    I love it. I may be biased as my hubby's name is Lane ( spelt Layne though). To me its very flattering. Hubby is a very outdoorsy type guy and his parents actually got the name out of a hunting magazine! So to me it is not feminine at all if that is your worry. His middle name is Wesley and I think it flows very nicely.

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