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    Bard - not a pleasant sound
    Lithe - ok
    Poet - too used, we hear and read and talk about poems and poets all the time in school
    Sonnet - ok, but feele like Poet
    Symphony - too much
    Coda - nice, a real name not just a word
    Glacier - would want to call Glacier in for dinner?
    Fife - too cut short
    Glow - stripper/dumb blonde
    Gossamer - stripper/dumb blonde
    Shimmer - stripper/dumb blonde
    Mist - okay, Misty is a real name
    Saga - too epic for a real name
    Fable - as above
    River - been used enough, but still kinda hippie
    Fox - been used, just ok
    True - just ok
    Valiant - too grandiose
    Sage - not bad, calmer than many other 'in your face' word names
    Noble - same as Valiant
    Whisper - trying too hard name
    Solace - feels like a classic name
    Winsome - too much
    Zenith - not horrible
    Fate - again too over the top, Fate as the name? all the kids fate hangs in the balance, etc
    Wolf - too common, trying too hard to force animal quailities on your kid or something
    Darling - like Wendy Moira Angela? too much
    Savvy - just name the kid Savannah so when the Jack Sparrow thing finally wears off (i feel it already has) she wont be left with such a dated name
    Ethereal - not horrible but a lot
    Whimsy - to much
    Bishop - real name, strong
    Ember - so trendy, an example of people trying to hard to be different
    Justice - too much
    Atlas - a myth name i can jump on board with, its a name, not an idea or concept
    Bramble - briars? why?
    Bravery - too much
    Bell - why when we have Belle?
    Cinder - Cinderella?
    Cypress - a tre & Cyrpus the country, no need for it to be a name
    Clarity - could be added to the Claire, Clarice family
    Clarion - sounds like an acne brand
    Crane - not bad, a lil trying too hard to find bird names
    Finch - already a name
    Frost - trying too hard
    Gale - already a name
    Glen - already a name
    Snapdragon - trying too hard to find a 'different' flower name
    Shadow - too common a name
    Foxglove - trying too hard to find a 'different' flower name
    Larkspur - prefer the overly trendy Lark
    Kite - believe its a derogatory term
    Lotus - been done, feels overly exotic and trying to hard
    Lullaby - im gonna sing lullaby a lullaby, ridiculous
    Memory - too common of a word
    Nightingale - as a middle maybe, too much for a first
    Quill - not bad, better than the overused Quinn
    Rhapsody - too much
    Riddle - why do this to a child?
    Rook - unpleasant
    Rune - not pleasant
    Sojourner - okay, not particularly nice to hear
    Skylark - Skylar is already too much
    Summoner - like the Fort?
    Valor - usable, not too overbearing
    Vervain - plant, popular now due to the Vampire Diaries, but lovely
    Whistler - the -er end makes it feel more occupational

    think big ideas or concepts shouldnt be used as names - they have a lot of weight and meaning - too much for a person to realistically carry around
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    Orphanedhanyou -- Sumner is the fort. :P Remember I said up there that this was for a story so I'm not "doing this to a child" but I would like to mention that I've met people in real life with a good number of these names. Saga is a mythology name as a middle on my own list.

    peanut -- there was a girl named Comfort on So You Think You Can Dance ^_^ There's a Native American girl in the Dark Hunter series called Sunshine Runningwolf. If I were to add colors like you did, and Cerulean is great, I'd add Vermillion and Xanthene. There are other colors I like but I can't think of them right now. Revel is cool. I'd use it for a bad guy since it sounds like Rebel. The Rev sound also reminded me of Reverie.

    Lexie-- I think Prosper had some decent usage in the Victorian times. It's got a nice sound.

    ameliawilliams -- Petrichor is pretty bad @ss sounding :P -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Angel - Prosper is actually used in "The Lord of Thieves" which is where I discovered my love for it.
    He went by Prop and was an awesome older brother to little Boniface.
    (I am fairly certain Cornelia Funke didn't pull either name out of thin air but instead just looked for something more obscure.)

    Oh I forgot about my darling Citrine (gem-stone name). Who never makes it on a "precious stone list".
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    Oh I've read that book! I love so many names in her books. ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Bard - good middle name I think
    Coda - I've met a Coda before. I think it works.
    Fife - much prefer Piper
    True - really like this one
    Sage - very nice, especially as a mn
    Solace - very pretty, I also like Solemn
    Ember - love it
    Justice - like this one a lot! Modern take on Justus.
    Cypress - love this one
    Clarity - one of my favorites!
    Crane - I could see this really working
    Larkspur - I prefer just Lark
    Rook - love this one

    I'd add:
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    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
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