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    You can't go wrong by going more classic - Alexander (nn Xander) would be nice... plus the new prince George Alexander Louis is a fantastic inspiration - a very classy name don't you think?

    With a long surname I would go short mn something like Alexander James

    I'm just going to throw some other ideas in too - since you like an 'M' name for a girl...

    Marley or Max
    both go really well with Jasper I think!

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    Jasper Douglas is very handsome. I prefer Xander to Zander, personally, but I feel it's not as strong a name as Jasper.

    I like the suggestion of Jasper & Felix... I always pair these two together in my head. Holden is a good one too.

    Other ideas: Emmett, Lennox, Xavier, Amias, Elias, Emrys, Darius, Dorian, Hugo, Milo...

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