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    When will Ursula & Cruella stop being so Evil?

    Ursula - the heavyweight octopus from Ariel
    Cruella - crazy fashion lady who wants 101 Dalmations for her black & white furs
    Disney has these names tainted to many for Bad Characters, when will that curse be broken?

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    I think Ursula did get tainted by Disney, but I think Cruella was actually an invented name - the fact it has the word Cruel in it means I wouldn't use it even if it was a legit name without the associations though, regardless of the popular Ella ending.

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    My husband and I are smitten with the name Ursula but, Disney totally ruined it for me.

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    I agree with essjay. since the word cruel is in cruella I don't thinkit will ever be usuable in good taste.

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    I'm with @essjay on Cruella.

    Druella is a legitimate name and very similar to Cruella, but I don't find it particularly attractive. Reminds me of drool.

    It's a definite shame about Ursula. I'm not even that fond of The Little Mermaid. It's one of my least favorite Disney movies. Has anyone seen it recently? Ariel is kind of a huge brat.

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