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    I am in the US - I remember that one of my friends who recently had a baby was told one (Starbucks sized) coffee a day.

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    In the US, 200mg is generally the cut off. And you have to remember that most sodas, teas and some foods also have caffeine.

    I tend to crave coffee while pregnant (which is crazy) so I've switched to decaf coffee and teas.

    I've also heard that caffeine can increase breast pain. And since mine is extensive, I like to stay under 100mg or less caffeine intake, and I've added a Vitamin E capsule. but nothing is helping.
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    I've also read that if you want to be super careful, you should make sure that any decaf coffee you're drinking is 'water method' decaf. Otherwise they decaffeinate the coffee using chemicals that are also, like caffeine, associated with slight risks of miscarriage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taz View Post
    With all of these pregnancy no-nos the risks aren't incredibly high. 3 cups of coffee a day, a glass of wine each evening, sushi every Wednesday & lunch meats & such are probably not going to hurt the baby, but if the pregnant lady indulging in all of these things ended up having a miscarriage she might spend the rest of her life feeling guilty over the Starbucks & the spicy tuna rolls. Personally, I drank a few cups of coffee most days while I was pregnant. I was young, healthy, fit, ect and it didn't do anything bad to me or my daughter. I was told that 1 cup a day was OK. I think you should ask your doctor for more info & gauge how seriously they seem to feel about caffeine intake.
    I agree, people worry overmuch... sushi and the like is probably fine, just don't buy it at a gas station or some sketchy place - go ahead and have your Starbucks, if you're craving it. For me, the craving for caffeine pretty much disappeared on its own, along with any craving for alcohol (okay maybe I miss the odd glass of wine, or a beer on a hot day). Just be smart - Have your coffee in the morning, don't go more than 2 Venti size drinks, and don't have any caffeine in the afternoons at all if you can help it, since sleep during pregnancy is already so restless.
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    As a student midwife we advise no more than one to two cups of tea/coffee/cola a day. However, it is just advise and unless you are drinking a lot of caffeine the evidence suggests there is minimal to no effect on the developing fetus. If you are consuming lots, lots being ten or so cups a day, your baby may suffer withdrawal after birth so it would be wise to cut down if that's the case.
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