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    I haven't read it, just heard good things about it, but check out Expecting Better by Emily Oster. It is all about this kind of question.
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    My OB said two cups a day was fine, I drank one cup max in the first trimester and 1-2 after. I drank half-caff sometimes so I felt like I was drinking more coffee than I really was, mind games make a difference.
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    Pre-pregnancy me used to drink 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day (oh the life of a teacher), but once I found out I was pregnant I limited it to 1-2 cups a day. My doctor told me that three or four cups a day was fine, but recommended they not be in close succession of each other. I just went to 1-2 cups partially because I am taking a year off from teaching and partially because I just feel healthier when I'm not consuming so much caffeine.
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    With all of these pregnancy no-nos the risks aren't incredibly high. 3 cups of coffee a day, a glass of wine each evening, sushi every Wednesday & lunch meats & such are probably not going to hurt the baby, but if the pregnant lady indulging in all of these things ended up having a miscarriage she might spend the rest of her life feeling guilty over the Starbucks & the spicy tuna rolls. Personally, I drank a few cups of coffee most days while I was pregnant. I was young, healthy, fit, ect and it didn't do anything bad to me or my daughter. I was told that 1 cup a day was OK. I think you should ask your doctor for more info & gauge how seriously they seem to feel about caffeine intake.

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    I always heard one cup a day. Can you switch to decaffeinated coffee?
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