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    How much caffeine is okay during pregnancy?

    In case you didn't know, I am a coffee addict.

    I'm 7 weeks pregnant, and ever since I got the BFP, I've been trying to avoid coffee. But I just cannot take it anymore! I'm slim build, 5'6. How much caffeine is okay to have a day while I am pregnant? Thanks in advance. : )
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    They say up to 200mg of caffeine per day is okay. That would be one cup of coffee per day, or two of instant coffee. Apparently more than 200mg per day raises the rate of miscarriage and of having a baby of low birth weight. Moderate caffeine levels are not supposed to have a negative effect on the baby. (Source:

    ETA: Another organization says up to 300mg or 1-2 cups a day is okay. ( I'll probably go with one only whenever I get pregnant, but then I like my coffee pretty strong. :-)
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    I was drinking 2 medium sized cups of coffee. My doctor said that was totally ok, up to 3 cups of coffee is fine. However, I was told to completly stop drinking green tea. I'm not sure if its still speculation, or proven, but green tea may cause miscarriages. I have never heard of coffee being linked to miscarriages. If it worries you just drink a cup a day, there is no harm in just a cup.

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    No more than seven cups is what they say in Europe .
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    My doctor told me that unless I was drinking an inhuman amount of coffee (like upwards of 10 cups) that it's fine to space out several cups over the day. He said there was not any real solid proof that it did anything really. So he advised me to drink less in the first trimester but that after those first 3 months, to just space things out over the day.

    I drank about the amount of a 44 oz coke every day and my doctor said I had one of the healthiest pregnancies he's been a part of. She went full term, she was 8 pounds and she was very healthy. No problems with the pregnancy or delivery. She's ahead of her developmental milestone too (more where a 4 month old should be than a 3) so it obviously didn't anything to me. -- My Amazon Author Page

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