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    Love Lucy Victoria, too adorable and I think fits very well with Jude, for the boy, I like Henry Leo.

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    My vote is for Lucy Victoria as well. I love Henry Leo! Henry would for sure be my number one choice but five of my friends have had Henry's in the last year. Right now my top pick for a sibling for my Jude is Leo, but I'm still just TTC and change my mind almost daily:-)
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    Jude & Lucy: sounds like a Beatles-loving family! Lucy Victoria is cute.

    I can't believe I'm going to say this because I love the name Henry, but I actually think Jude & Rory is such a great pair. It just grabbed my attention, more so than Jude & Henry would have. Rory Lee doesn't do much for me just because Lee seems dated & overused as a boy middle name and Rory Richard is too many r's so I would pick Rory Charles. Second choice: Henry Keir. It's different and I just like it.

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    Thanks everyone! How funny that you want Leo as a sibling for Jude; that was my first choice, but my husband shot Leo down. We are very much liking Lucy Victoria, and I do think Henry has become quite popular...I think Henry and Rory both sounds great with Jude. Such decisions. I'm currently leaning toward Henry Keir or Rory Charles. You are all very helpful!

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    You can shoot it down, but I thought of Alvin as a perfect pair for Jude immediately. For a girl, what about Pearl?
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