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    Hmm, I just read Edgar Allen Poe's poem Annabel Lee, and, well, it's pretty chilling. I think I may have sadly gone off Annabel, even though it's a beautiful poem. We did like Niamh, but I think it's also too short with our surname, and she'll spend her whole life spelling her name.
    I really want to love Evelyn. I just... don't. I quite like Fiamma too, but don't think I'm brave enough. Fia is such a cute nickname though.

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    If you don't think Charlotte will work, what about Scarlett? Carlee for nn?

    Hope this helps!

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    Annabel Eve! It's lovely and matches Penelope Claire perfectly, imo!

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    I love Annabel, and I adore the spelling "Anabelle"
    Eliza is adorable and I've always loved it
    I like Olivia, but I think just plain Olive is better
    Sophia is my own name, and so I may be a little bit biased, but there are just so many Sophias that unless you're all right with your child being in a class with at least two or three other Sophias, it isnt a good choice.
    I agree with you on Eva/Eve
    I've never been the biggest fan of Anna, especially on its own. It's a pretty name, but to me it feels a little repetitive and a tad too simple and plain, especially next to Penelope. I do like the idea of Anna Kate, though. That's not bad.
    Charlotte Shey is a little alliterative, but it may not be as big of a problem as you think. After all, I did go to school with an Austin Postin.
    Lucy is really cute, but it isnt my favorite with Penelope
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    I think my major problem is that this is probably going to be my last baby, so whatever name I choose, it will be the last one. I must say goodbye to all the other names, which is so hard!

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