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    A name we'll both love?

    My husband and I are starting to compile girls name lists again, because it came so close with our first daughter she almost didn't have a name! Her name is Penelope Claire, our surname is Shey. We both have quite different naming styles, aside from the fact that we both like classic names. I need opinions on our lists. My list:

    Annabel - like, a lot, not 100% convinced. Love the nickname Annie, but is it too close to Penny?
    Olivia - like, think it goes well with Penelope
    Eve / Eva - love, but is it too short to pair with our surname, and also too short next to Penelope? I dislike Evelyn
    Eliza - really really grown on me, hubs dislikes.
    Emma - too common / plain? I know so many Emma's. I love the nickname Emme. Hate Emme as a name on its own, and all variations.
    Kate - my sister is Katie. Probably too close.
    Anna - too short?
    Sophie / Sophia- hubs hates
    Charlotte - can't have Charlotte Shey

    Hubby's list
    Eleanor - I hate
    Chloe - common, and our dogs name is Zoe?!
    Evelyn - I feel is too old lady-ish
    Harper - too "hot right now"
    Amelie - too similar to my name
    Emily - rhyme too much with Penelope?

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    Annabel : Love it , its romantic and i love the nn Anni whch i dont think its close to Penny .
    Olivia : Like it , i think it goes well with Penelope
    Eve / Eva : I adore Eva !! Such a gorgeous !! If you think its too short ( which i dont ) how about Evangeline ?
    Eliza : My favorite !!
    Emma : I think its too boring next to Penelope .
    Kate : How about varations of Kate if you think its too close to your sister ?? Katherine , Kaitlyn etc ?
    Anna : Love it much more than Annabel !! Simple and gorgeous ! How about Anastasia ?
    Sophie / Sophia : Love Sophie , Hate Sophia .
    Charlotte : I dont think Charlotte Shey is too terrible . Lottie or Charlie Shey is adorable !!
    Lucy : Like it next to Penelope .

    Eleanor : LOVE , LOVE , LOVE .
    Chloe : Chloe / Zoe too similar . And very plain next to Penelope .
    Evelyn : Dont like it .
    Harper : Dont like it with Penelope .
    Eve : prefer Eva
    Amelie : GORGEOUS !!
    Emily : prefer Amelie

    Gorgeous list !! I hope i help a little
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    Out of all the names listed above I think Annabel would compliment Penelope Claire quite nicely.
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    Your list:
    Annabel - I really like Annabel and think it would be a great sib-set with Penelope. Both have that sweet, southerny charm but are very different to one another. Since you like the name Anna as well how about that as a nn for Annabel? That way Annie and Penny don't have that close feel (I actually think it's totally okay and they aren't too close) and you get to use two of your list in one go.
    Olivia - Olivia is beautiful, I'm not sure it's as cool as Penelope though.
    Eve / Eva - If at all Eva. Eva Shey has a nice ring while Eve Shey feels incomplete. But I agree, I think it's a bit short.
    Eliza - I like Eliza but I think since your hubby dislikes it so much and you are trying to find a list with common ground. I'd toss it and find something else.
    Emma - I like Emma and if you like it as a nn how about Emilia? (Or is that an Emme- name for you?) Emilia and Penelope would be sweet together.
    Kate - Unless you want to honor your sister, Katie, with this choice I'd probably stay clear. I have a lot of family names I love but wouldn't use because they are just too close.
    Anna - see Annabel.
    Sophie / Sophia- Same as with Eliza if your hubby hates this name and you are trying make a list you both like. Ditch Sophie/Sophia. Unless he feels differently about Sofie/Sofia and you like the f spelling.
    Charlotte - If you already feel that you can't have a Charlotte Shey, can I ask why this is still on your list?
    Lucy - I feel like everyone is naming their daughter Lucy at the moment. (I think I know 4 under 4). While a wonderful classic I think a longer version with this as a nn could be great with Penelope. (Also if you worry about Annie being to close to Penny is Lucy too close?)

    Hubby's list:
    Eleanor - ooo that's sad. I particularly like Eleonora nn Nora. Maybe you'll like a variant more that your hubby can agree to. I think Penelope and Eleanor would be very classy together.
    Chloe - yeah I'm with you. I love Zoe and really don't get Chloe (at all).
    Evelyn - "I feel is too old lady-ish." I hear ya. Though I do like it, but you did say you didn't like longer versions for Eve.
    Harper - too "hot right now"
    Eve - Well at least both of you have this on your list. Maybe it would make for a good mn?
    Amelie - How about Emilia nn Emma? I suggested it above.
    Emily - I also feel like Emily is a bit dated to the 80s as I think I went to school with at least 5. I like Emilia (which I feel like I'm plugging a lot. But it just seems to fit.) As it works as a variation of Emily and Amelia.

    Suggestions: Josephine nn Josie, Hennrietta nn Etta, Primrose nn Rosie, and well of course Emilia (cause i've only mentioned it 100 times. lol), Lucille, Lucia, Lucinda nn Lucy.
    Combo Suggestions: I like Annabel Eve nn Anna/Annie best. But I think Emilia Olive nn Emma, or Lucinda Eve nn Lucy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by isabellemarie View Post
    Out of all the names listed above I think Annabel would compliment Penelope Claire quite nicely.
    I second this. Annabel and Penelope are swoon worthy. If Annie is too close to Penny for you there is always the nn Anna.

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