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    Annabel - very cute. I adore Annabel, and Penelope and Annabel are fab together. Penny and Annie are a bit close, but they could be Penny and Anna, or Penny and Belle?
    Olivia - adore this, too, and Penelope and Olivia are fab. I love the nns Liv and Olive. It's fun, it's literary, it's feminine. I adore it.
    Eva/Eve - Eva is another one of my favorites. Eva Shey is quite short, but if you do a long middle, I think it'd balance out just fine (Eva Seraphine Shey, for example, or Eva Alexandrie Shey...).
    Eliza - love Eliza, and Penelope and Eliza are fab, but I would hesitate to use a name your husband hated.
    Emma - very pretty, and I like it with Penelope, but I'd rather see it as a middle for something longer. Like Annabel Emma, or Charlotte Emma, or Eleanor Emma...
    Kate - lovely. Maybe you could use it as a middle, to honor your sister, or even use it as a double barrel. Like Anna Kate Sofia "Anna Kate" or Emma Kate Charlotte "Emma Kate"?
    Anna - I don't hate it, but it's definitely too drab and boring on its own for me. I like it as a double barrel "Anna Kate", or even something like Anna Sophia, Annabel, Anneliese, etc., and I love Annie, but I don't love just Anna.
    Sophia/Sophie - I think Sofia (love this spelling) is beautiful, but again, I wouldn't try to force something you don't both LOVE. Sophia could be a nice middle, if he'd agree to it there, though.
    Charlotte - I actually don't think Charlotte Shey is bad. No worse than my sister's name, imo, which I don't think is bad at all (Rebecca R____). I think it's beautiful. I love the nns Lola and Lottie, as well.
    Lucy - I want to get into it, but I just can't. I vastly prefer Lily, or even Lucia/Lucilla/Luciana...

    Eleanor - I love Eleanor, actually. It has a lot of lovely nns--Ella, Leni, Lena, Nora--and I think Penelope and Eleanor would be fab. I would avoid the nn Nell, mainly because Penelope could eventually go by Nell/Nellie, too, if she wanted, but otherwise I think it's a great fit.
    Chloe - I'm with you here. I like Zoe much more than Chloe, and I wouldn't go near Chloe if you already have a Zoe in the house (even if it's just a pet!).
    Evelyn - meh. It's okay. I like Eva (or even just Eve) much better. Evelyn just feels sort of boring to me, even though it is a nice name in its own right.
    Harper - I like Harper for its literary cred, though I'm not a huge TKMB fan, but it's too overdone and trendy for me. It's shot straight to the top, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's in the top 10 in two years' time. I would even be more open to Hadley (which I love regardless), even though I have a strict no unisex-names policy. Mainly because I hate having a unisex name. But I do like Harper, for both genders.
    Eve - nice, but I like Eva much more these days.
    Amelie - I'm just curious--how is this too close to your name, but Emily isn't? They sound pretty similar to me. Maybe it's your pronunciation? In French, Amelie is pronounced like ah-MILL-ee or ah-MAY-lee, depending on location. ah-MILL-ee and EM-ih-lee are pretty close, imo...
    Emily - sweet, but it feels quite overdone and a bit tired still. I would love to meet an Emilia, though!

    A few ideas:


    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by isabellemarie View Post
    Out of all the names listed above I think Annabel would compliment Penelope Claire quite nicely.
    Totally Agree. Favorite name on the list
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    Annabel - Annabel is a great sister name to Penelope! Annie and Penny are totally cute too.
    Olivia - It's nice, but I like Annabel better for a sister to Penelope. I think Olivia goes better with your last name though.
    Eve / Eva - Eva is nice, yes Eve is too short with a one-syllable last name; especially since you tend toward more a more romantic/classic style.
    Eliza - Oh I really like Eliza too. Not sure how I like the flow with your last name tho--it's kind of drawly.
    Emma - I don't think Emma is too common or plain, but Eliza has more spark.
    Kate - Kate Shey doesn't go well. I love Kate as a middle name, and it would be nice way to honor your syster.
    Anna - I'm a big fan of Anna, but considering your older daughter's longer name and your shorter last name, I would choose Annabel over Anna. She can always go by Anna as a nickname if she prefers it over Annie (although I still love Annie/Penny!)
    Sophie / Sophia- Again, this is nice--all your names are nice!--but there are other names that have more spark.
    Charlotte - I agree, it's a great name on it's own, but not with your last name.
    Lucy -- Oh this is totally cute.

    My favorites from your list: Annabel and Lucy are favorites, with Eliza as a runner-up.

    Hubby's list
    Eleanor - I like Eleanor a lot actually--if we didn't have a baby Eleanor in the family, it would be on my short list.
    Chloe - Not with a dong named Zoe! Put it in the middle spot =)
    Evelyn - Evelyn Shey is actually a name that "grows up" really well. How about Evie for a NN?
    Harper - I agree, not a fan
    Eve -- *see above
    Amelie - Well if it's too similar, that might be awkward. Delegate to middle spot.
    Emily - Yeah, I think you've got better E-names to work with.

    My favorites from your husband's list: Eleanor and Evelyn.

    It seems like your style is more romantic/classic, and your husband's style is more safe/spunky. I recommend a more classic first, and a more spunky middle.

    Middle name ideas: Anna, Chloe, Amelie, Kate (with a one-syllable last name, you might prefer a multi-syllable middle, but I just like Kate so much I had to keep it on the list!)
    Current favorites: Olive, Louise/Louisa, Magdalene/Madeline, Phillipa, Talitha, Mallory, Blythe, Eliza, Mercy, Talia; Calvin, Charles, Gideon, Abram, Jude, Reuben, George, Reid, Clark, Holden.

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    Penelope Claire is a stunning name!
    My thoughts on the rest of your combinations:
    Annabel - I love the name Annabel, she's a wholesome choice. Annabel has a sweet sound and works so beautifully with Penelope. Penelope and Annabel have a great sound. Maybe Penny and Annie are too similar but in all honesty you can use a different nickname. For example Anna or Belle. Penny and Anna aren't similar and sound really cute together.

    Olivia - I love Olivia she's a very sweet name and despite her increasing popularity she always feels fresh. Olivia does work with Penelope but I'd prefer a name with a slightly less predictable.

    Eve - I love Eve she's gorgeous, has interesting biblical connotations and has a very light sound. I also love Eva which has a bluesy quality to the name. Still I do feel that Eve/Eva is too short with Penelope. Visually the sibling set looks unbalanced. I think maybe Evangeline with the Eve nickname would be better.

    Eliza - I like Eliza she works with Penelope. Penelope & Eliza feel very sweet together. But then in away it just doesn't work as Eliza feels very nicknamey next to Penelope. I think Elizabeth with the Eliza nickname would be better and maybe hubby would approve more.

    Emma - I love Emma, I actually think Emma is dying down in popularity obviously she's still popular but this side of the pond she isn't as popular as she once was. I love Penelope and Emma together feels like a sister combination from a gorgeous story book.

    Kate - I think with sister called Katie 'Kate' is more of a honouring name and I believe would work lovely as a middle name.

    Anna - I like Anna she's lovely and has a really sweet simplicity. But I prefer Annabel with the Anna nickname.

    Sophie - I'm not that keen on Sophie but love Sophia!!!

    Charlotte - I adore Charlotte, she's a stunning name has a very wholesome sound. I also love the literacy connotations surrounding Charlotte. Charlotte is a beautiful name, and I also love the nickname choice of Lottie. Charlotte is a great name and sounds brilliant with Penelope!! But still totally in agreement about the whole Charlotte Shey it's just off.

    Lucy - Really dislike Lucy she reminds me of the word loose and is so popular in the UK it's boring.

    Eleanor - Ugh how can you hate Eleanor? She's a gorgeous name! Eleanor has a lovely fresh appeal and an almost old medieval European vibe that I adore. Eleanor sounds brilliant with Penelope as well. I also love the nicknames surrounding Eleanor for example Elle, Ellie, Ella, and Lea. It's lovely.

    Chloe - I really dislike Chloe it's my own dog's name chosen by my sister, I just dislike the general sound and look of Chloe. It's not my thing.

    Evelyn - I love Evelyn she's elegant and sweet. I also love the rural sound of Evelyn. Evelyn works with Penelope as well. Penelope & Evelyn are great together. I also love the nicknames Evie and Penny together as well.

    Harper - I agree Harper is hot right now and also I don't like Penelope & Harper as sister's. They don't work together.

    Eve - ^comments above^

    Amelie - I love Amelie an adorable French name with a gorgeous vibe. But the flow of Penelope and Amelie together doesn't work well, to be honest.

    Emily - Similar issue with Amelie; Emily and Penelope rhyme together similarly with Penelope and Ameloe.

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