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    hi! My name's Haley as well and I've never liked it either but my middle name (Anne) isn't much better :/. I tried to get people to call me Haley-Anne but it never caught on. I considered Annie but it seemed too juvenile. I would go by Alannah if you like it . Good luck!
    Do people constantly spell yours as Hailey or Hayley as well? I always get Hayley/Hailey/Hayleigh, and it's soooo annoying! If I changed the spelling, I would likely go for Hayleigh because it's different, but, I've hated my name since I discovered Haley Joel Osment. (Not a nice thing for an 8 year old little girl to find out, a boy shares her name!).

    Haley-Anne's lovely My mum refused to follow the 'trend' in my family and use Anne/my mother's name as my name. My mum has her mother's names as her middle names, (Ann being one), and, my aunt and cousin also have Anne. (My grandmother's Valerie Anne, my aunty (my mum's sister) is Victoria Anne Margaret, my mum is Elizabeth Ann Valerie and my cousin is Meghan Anne, I think my mum wanted to avoid another Anne/Ann!)

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    I think you should go with Alannah - and this post would make an excellent poll question!

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