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    wow, aha guess I'll be Alannah then! :-) thank you for your suggestions What other nicknames could there be for Alannah (Al-on-nah) besides Allie?

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    Alannah works beautifully!

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    Lani for a nn (pronounced law-nee)

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    Quote Originally Posted by leahmarie512 View Post
    I much prefer Alannah to Haley. My choices in order would be:
    1) Alannah
    2) Haley
    3) Haley Alannah -- Too long for a double name, IMO
    I agree with this. Haley Alannah seems like a mouthful. And the names sort of run together when I say them.

    As for nicknames, I like Allie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by namenerdia View Post
    Alannah, definitely. If you wanted to go by Haley Alannah, I'm about 99.9% sure that it would get shortened to just Haley, because people can be lazy and won't want to spend the time pronouncing five syllables. (Though lovely, it is a bit of a mouthful.) And then you'd be right back where you were before. Plus, I think it would get old fast having to constantly tell people, "No, it's not Haley, it's Haley ALANNAH." You don't want to be that girl. And by using Alannah, you get the best of both worlds: lyrical, super feminine name with spunky, sporty, easy-to-say nickname. And the icing on the cake is that it IS your legal name! (Even if it's not in the first name spot.) You're changing it at the perfect time, too. Good luck on your new adventure!
    I couldn't agree with this more. Seriously, well said.
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