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Thread: Jacob or Tobias

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    Tobias by a long shot. It's my number one choice for a future son and whilst I quite like Jacob, I prefer Tobias for the way it sounds and for the fact that it's less popular - I've never met one where I know quite a few Jacob's. I'm also not a fan of Jake whereas if Tobias got shortened to Toby I know I wouldn't encourage it but I don't hate it either.
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    Both are fine Biblical names but I prefer the spunky Tobias to the overpopular Jacob.
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    I prefer Tobias!

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    Team Jacob all the way! Tobias is not my style.

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    It's funny that these are your two choices, because my brother's name is Jacob, but he was very briefly known as Tobias in our childhood. He had so many Jacobs in his class, and he got so tired of hearing his own name, that he requested to go by Tobias. I don't know where he heard it, or why he picked it, but for a while he was known exclusively as "Tobias". I'm sure if I asked him now "Jacob or Tobias", he'd still say Tobias.

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