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    Oh, I just wanted to add that I have a friend who has a long vanity counter in her bathroom and she changes the baby there. It is so convenient, since the sink is right there- she can wet cloth wipes under the tap. And of course, she can easily wash her hands at the end and store all of the diapering gear in the vanity. She keeps the diaper pail in there, too. Our bathroom is too small to swing a cat in, so this wasn't an option for us. But I thought I would bring it up b.c it seems that not all big bathroom owning folks think of this.

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    We wanted to go the Dresser route so we wouldn't have to buy new furniture when Azula gets bigger, but ended up buying a crib & change table set with drawers from my sister in law (they needed the money). It was challenging looking for a dresser tall enough anyway - although you can always buy one and add some taller feet to the bottom to raise it up a little.
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    The greatest of both world's is what we went with!!
    The top comes off and it is a regular dresser for later!

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