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    Dresser with a mat here too. It's so practical, and it's one less thing to keep in the house. I have no idea what a real changing table is like, but I love that the cover on the mat is so easy to change, so it's always nice and clean. It's also very handy when you go away for a night or a holiday.
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    Between your two options, I think a changing mat on a dresser is the most practical. I never bought a changing table for my daughters.

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    Between your two, change mat on a dresser. The changing table is a wasted space imo. It's a piece of furniture you won't use always and it takes up space. The mat can be moved from room to room.

    I use neither though. I change Persephone in her crib right after nap. I just rolled her over and change her before she gets all the way awake. Other times, I use the bed or the couch with a towel under her. I have an owl box with all her stuff in it and I just move it around where I need it. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    We used a sideboard that we already owned and put a changing pad on top of it. The advantage of this was that we didn't have to buy anything extra. It was convenient and more comfortable for us to have a changing station at the correct height at first, though we started changing Lev on the floor after awhile b.c he just got too wiggly for it to be safe to change him up high.

    Changing tables are nice if you have the room for them, though. The big advantage is that they are designed for this specific purpose- with a bar to keep the baby from rolling off and open storage that you can easily reach into mid-change. The disadvantage to something like a dresser is that you have to open drawers while changing the diaper and holding the baby still- this can be challenging! You can of course be super organized and have what you need out ahead of time, that just isn't me.

    If you decide on buying a changing table, I see them on Craigslist all of the time. You could always buy one used and then resell it once you are done with it.

    On the same subject, those portable changing mats are great. I just put the mat in whatever bag I want to carry so that I don't have to have a dedicated diaper bag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dantea View Post
    Other times, I use the bed or the couch with a towel under her
    This is our system. Partially because I'm very lazy, and it easier to just grab a towel from the linen closet and put it in the laundry basket after, and partly because I don't like laying her on high surfaces unless absolutely necessary.

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