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  • Ash Kelvin

    3 4.35%
  • Stellan March

    13 18.84%
  • Seth Rowan

    15 21.74%
  • March Sebastian

    1 1.45%
  • Rowan March

    12 17.39%
  • Sebastian March (nn Ash)

    22 31.88%
  • Non they all suck

    3 4.35%
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    My neglected boys list needs some attention

    Well i'm confident enough to name at least 3 girls (first and middle names)

    So i probably should have atleast one boys name! poor boys

    I have a few boys names I like but it dosnt feel right or im not impressed with the middle name- my main problem is i like short boys names and therefore cant use two fav names together eg Ash Seth is just incomplete....

    Okay my list:
    Ash (i find its too short)
    Seth (its okay)
    March (too weird?)
    Rowan (meaning dosnt seem very interesting)
    Considering Sebastian
    Considering Stellan

    Please vote and any feedback is more them welcome.
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    Ash Kelvin - love Ash, Kelvin is ok, good flow
    Stellan March - WAY TOO TRENDY, no flow with March
    Seth Rowan - TOO MUCH LIKE SETH ROGAN. love Seth though
    March Sebastian - questionable flow but like March
    Rowan March - Rowan is WAY TOO TRENDY
    Sebastian March (nn Ash) - feel you shouldnt force Ash out of Bast
    - sounds like you just like Ash too much to give it up for Sebastian
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    Ah thanks thats very nice feedback- didnt think of Seth Rogan as Rowan is the middle name- altho it dosnt put me off the name i like Seth Rogan...

    Do you have any alternative middle names for March??

    I really like Ash but prefer it as a short form but i dislike Ashton the actor so its putting me off...

    Yes Sebastian is a new name to my list so its not really winning

    I think trends maybe different in Oz as Rowan is not even in the top anything... same as Stellan but the similar pnr with Stalin is putting me off the name..

    So far my tactic is finding girl names i like and looking for the male alternatives, maybe a new tactic is needed...

    baby bear Freya Ivy

    Eliza, Ziva, Willow, Eve, Inara, Dawn, Iris.
    Logan, Liam, Theo, Sebastian, Rowan, John, Caleb, Roman.

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    I voted for Stellan March because I love both names and Stellan is my favourite boys name!

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    We had a girl last year and named her March Nolan. I love the name March for a boy as well but agree it's hard to have first and middle name both be one syllable.

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