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    Born on Past Mothers Birthday - Name?

    So if a baby is born on the birthday of a dear past loved one what name would you give them in association to that without giving them their actual name.

    Ex: Renae means Reborn

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    1) id spell Renee the traditional way instead of make my child go through like correcting people

    2) using a name with meaning is my favorite option because i think renaming happens to often and can feel lazy and like a cop out

    3) using a VARIATION of that name, example building off your Renee suggestion: the Twilight invention Renesmee
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    Thank you orphanedyou & orange.. natural I thought it was very thoughtful how you consisted alternatives.

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    If I didn't want to use their actual name, I'd consider a variant/nickname: eg Margaret could be Maisie, Margo, Greta, Margeurite...

    I'd also think about their hobbies and background - if your mother was a gardener a flower name could be a nice way to honour her, if she lived on the coast you could use a name that meant 'of the sea' or something. Or if she came from a place that could be used as a name - obviously you wouldn't name your baby New York Smith, but something like Charlotte Smith, Lincoln Smith, even Washington Smith (a little pretentious but could work well as a middle)

    Or was there a name she always loved but never got to use? If she never got her little Flora because her husband hated the name it could be a nice touch if it's a name you like as well.

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    I think you've gotten a lot of great suggestions. I think Renee is lovely--there's also potentially Anastasia? I believe it means resurrection? Although it seems almost more like you want your baby to be the grandmother reincarnate or something. Anastasia is lovely, though.

    I think it just comes down to how you want to honor her memory. I LOVE flower names because my earliest memories of my mom were her in her garden. Liliana, Violet, and Poppy are on my list already, and I'd love to fit Zinnia, Daphne, and Iris on there, as well. I like the option of using Rachel Evangeline for my sister (who is Rebecca Eileen). I like the option of using Sofia for my other sister (whose "Spanish" name in Spanish class was Sofia), and Lily for my grandmother (the last gift she gave me before she was laid to rest was a lily), Avery for my sister (whose name means "Christ's birthday" and Avery's meaning has to do with elves... I like the tie to Christmas) and my grandfather (who has several Averys far back on his family tree), Violet for my grandmother and father (whose birth flower was the violet) and my other grandma (whose favorite color is purple), etc. I'm honestly not a fan of most of my family names, so I usually honor them in roundabout names. The only family name I know I'd use just as it is is Grace. It's my grandmother's mn; I adore it, and I'm about 98% sure it will be somewhere in my first daughter's name. It would take a lot to keep me from using Grace!

    I like @essjay's suggestion of "Flora", too--my mom always wanted a little boy named Charlie, but my dad hated Charles, so she never got one. I really love Charlie, and the tie to my mom, so it's on my list at the moment (although I'm thinking of just leaving it as a middle, as I'm loving, and seeing me with one, it less and less).

    Did she have any hobbies? When was her birthday? Do you know what any of the names she liked were? If she didn't like her name, do you know if she ever had a name she just wished she was? etc? That could provide some inspiration. Or you could just use her initials. There's many ways to honor family; you don't have to use the exact name.

    Good luck!
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