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    Born on Past Mothers Birthday - Name?

    So if a baby is born on the birthday of a dear past loved one what name would you give them in association to that without giving them their actual name.

    Ex: Renae means Reborn

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    1) id spell Renee the traditional way instead of make my child go through like correcting people

    2) using a name with meaning is my favorite option because i think renaming happens to often and can feel lazy and like a cop out

    3) using a VARIATION of that name, example building off your Renee suggestion: the Twilight invention Renesmee
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    Personally I'd just use their name if I wanted to honour them, as a first if I like the name, or middle if I'm not crazy about it!

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    Thank you orphanedyou & orange.. natural I thought it was very thoughtful how you consisted alternatives.

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    If I didn't want to use their actual name, I'd consider a variant/nickname: eg Margaret could be Maisie, Margo, Greta, Margeurite...

    I'd also think about their hobbies and background - if your mother was a gardener a flower name could be a nice way to honour her, if she lived on the coast you could use a name that meant 'of the sea' or something. Or if she came from a place that could be used as a name - obviously you wouldn't name your baby New York Smith, but something like Charlotte Smith, Lincoln Smith, even Washington Smith (a little pretentious but could work well as a middle)

    Or was there a name she always loved but never got to use? If she never got her little Flora because her husband hated the name it could be a nice touch if it's a name you like as well.

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