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    What do you think of these?

    Hi berries! I'm wondering Which is your favourite or favourites of the combos below? Are there any that don't work for you? Thoughts on any combo welcome (Mirabel honours family)

    Luna Mirabel
    Luciana Mirabel (nn Luna)
    Aurora Mirabel (nn Rory)
    Clover Mirabel
    Calypso Mirabel (nn Clio)
    Delphine Mirabel (nn Delphi)

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    All of them work to me. My favorite is Clover Mirabel.
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    Love Luna Mirabel. I really like all of the others; except Calypso. I love Clio though!

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    Luna Mirabel - Luna is getting popular but still quirky & lovely
    Luciana Mirabel - Luna has nothing to do with this name, if you have to scramble letters around and change the entire sound of a name, its not a nickname. since its another choice on this list it sounds like you just cant decide between two names so you want the best of both worlds
    - i like Luciana, go with Lucy
    Aurora Mirabel (nn Rory) - lovely, great nickname
    Clover Mirabel - like Clover, but together with Mirabel its a lot of country charm, kinda think of Mirabel the cow eating some Clover in a pasture
    Calypso Mirabel - same as above, a nickname with nothing to do with Calypso. not to mention Calypso being a lot of name for a girl. prefer Cerce
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    Orphandhanyou: I admit Luciana nn Luna is totally trying to have the best of both worlds BUT I dont see anything wrong with that... It's versatile! Also, my feeling is that it's not so counter intuitive to use Luna as nn for Luciana... What do others think?

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