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    Am I making a mistake with Delilah ?!

    So after months of thinking and deciding on my daughters name we have decided on Delilah Grace. My Sons name is Archie Jack. I particularly like Lilah but my OH likes Delilah better so have agreed she will be Delilah and nn Lilah! Although I am not paticularly religious I have been Christened so has my OH and so we got out Son christened. However after writing on forums about the name Delilah some people were dead against it because of its biblical meaning! I was actually unaware of this and so are many of my friends and family and all seem to love the name. I am now worried though that I am making a mistake if I was to get her christened too or she got married in a church one day would she be looked down on because of her name! Help! Thought is decided with only 3 weeks left now I'm worried!

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    Also to add I am British... Sometimes I get completely different opinions for British people to American etc so please take that In to consideration as she will be living in England!

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    I honestly love the name Delilah and seeing as you got outside opinions from friends and family and they were all supportive, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
    I think the worry about the name is relative to the environment that you live in and there doesn't seem to be any problems where you live.
    I grew up in a religious family (my granny always took us to church) but I am not a practising Catholic so for me it is not an issue

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    id never use it do to the meaning, which is pretty well known.

    however it is lovely and gotten lots of good press due to the Plain White T's song

    i like Delilah and Lilah, but i dont like Lilah as a nickname for Delilah - feel its a name that doesnt need a nickname, Lilah somehow changes the whole feel
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    I absolutely love the name! I think of 'Hey there Delilah' and the word delightful which is a gorgeous first connection for your little girl!

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