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Thread: Just Curious

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    Quote Originally Posted by amydomsmom View Post
    Ok, I have to know. Was it the "baby" Belle doll or the "toddler" Belle doll? Because seriously people, the toddler version is Insanely cute. I am willing to bet the naysayers have never seen her, haha.
    This one HERE? I just googled it and I kind of want it too.
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    lol... I think saving things for your children -or if you never have a daughter -your grandchildren is a great idea, as long as you have somewhere "safe" to put them and won't be ending up giving them a moth-eaten, dust covered piece of junk that they will feel burdened to love because it was yours.

    As for buying things... I had a little stash of things I bought and kept for babies, but would go through it whenever I had a friend's baby shower to go to. That way I felt that I was giving my friend something special and heartfelt rather than just grabbing the first thing I found at the store for them. My stash was not depleted completely when baby boy was born, so he got a couple of cute outfits from the process. There's a couple girlie ones still in the stash that will stay there until I have a daughter and/or another friend gets pregnant with a baby girl.
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    Oh, I understand your feelings! I love children's clothes and toys and all stuff and don't think it's any crazy. You can always give it to cousins, nieces, grandkids, friend's babes...Totally fine and, by the way, I love dolls too!

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    I think buying things for a future hypothetical child could become an expensive bad habit. I wouldn't recommend it.

    Keeping things from your childhood, though, is a wonderful idea and not weird at all! My mom saved a box of my old toys and books for me to pass down. She gave it to me when my husband and I bought our house. When I helped my mother-in-law move out of her old house, I collected up some of my husband's childhood things to keep for our kids. Our daughter now has each of our teddy bears from when we were babies and she plays with my old dolls. A lot of the books on her bookshelf have my name or my siblings' names written in them.
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    Considering a large proportion of Berries are naming hypothetical children, I think buying a few things for him/her before they are a reality is allowed too :P

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