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    Not weird at all. I have toys and books from my childhood, as well as some books and toys that I bought (when I was in an early childhood education program) and clothes in a hope chest at the foot of my bed. And I've crocheted myself one baby blanket so far -- basically because I just wanted to try the pattern for future reference, and liked it so much I kept it. I've also been slowly collecting things for my wedding, and I'm nowhere near getting engaged/married yet (I have my grandmother's wedding dress, a few vintage necklaces, and a ton of vintage brooches to make a brooch bouquet). So don't worry! If we're crazy at least we're all crazy together.
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    I had the bad habit for about a year and a half before I got pregnant to buy some clothes every time I was buying for someone else. I always buy baby things at consignment shops and Rhea Lana and things so it was always really cheap, but I couldn't help myself. I bought some boy things and some girl things. I had a girl, but she can wear the boy stuff too.

    I also have tons of books from when I was little and plenty of toys I've saved. It's not too weird. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I've got books that I loved when I was a child - like, I would insist on being read stories from this one collection every night - and I'd love to share those tales with my children. As for toys, my mum has put a load of stuff we've outgrown up in the attic and I'm sure she's probably keeping them for her future grandchildren, even if she won't admit to it As for actually buying stuff, that probably won't be until children are in the more foreseeable future - we want to be married and buy a house first, and at the minute we're living 2 hours apart with our parents (aiming to change that soon though) and not engaged, so kids are going to be a good few years off yet :P

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    Ok, I have to know. Was it the "baby" Belle doll or the "toddler" Belle doll? Because seriously people, the toddler version is Insanely cute. I am willing to bet the naysayers have never seen her, haha. Belle has always been my favorite if you couldn't tell, but her little smile on that toy? To die for. I have many times considered buying it for myself... Then again I got my mother to buy me a Merida doll for my 25th birthday this past year. =]

    I don't think it's weird at all! I think it is a totally normal thing for a girl dreaming of future children to do. I have many friends who have also done the same. Especially saving toys/books... because those are sweet family heirlooms to pass on. I still have a newborn sized dress that I bought years before I was even pregnant. And at no point in time have I ever been hoping for a girl. Sometimes baby clothes (boy and girl) are just too cute to pass up (especially once they go on sale). I have a few stored away along with all of my son's old outgrown clothes/toys. I also have a shirt or two and a really nice jacket that won't fit him for at least another 2-3 years that I bought when he was born because I just liked it. Let's see, I bought a bottle way before I was pregnant that my son never used and I ended up re-gifting years later. One of my best friends is about to have a little girl so I am now giving her the pile of cutesy baby girl clothes that I've acquired over the years (except that first little dress because I am in love with it). Even if you never have a daughter, surely you will know someone else who does so I don't really think it's "wasteful" to buy a little doll. If at any point in time you do have a girl, you will be happy you bought these things. If you don't, just think of it as a baby shower gift that you bought wayyyy in advance.

    Edit: Now, don't actually go crazy and fill a whole closet with infant sized items, but a few things here or there never hurt anyone!
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    Sure, I have a few books and heirloom-quality toys I've bought on sale and some hats I've knit, and I have a few things friends have given me when their kids outgrew them. I also think of it as being a hope chest kind of thing, plus it gives me options if I need a last-minute baby gift for someone else. I'm very careful about what I keep or buy so I don't end up with a box of junk. I wouldn't go nuts and collect all the baby things you'll ever need or start living for the future, but it seems sensible to me to prepare a little.

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