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Thread: Just Curious

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    Just Curious

    Hello. I was going through some of my old stuff the other day and I came across my favourite doll I had as a kid. I remember being little and saying that when I had a daughter one day I was going to give it to her. I've kind of started a little hope chest type thing with some cute things that one day I hope to give to her as well. For instance, I was at the Disney store over Christmas and they had the cutest baby version of princess Belle. I decided to buy it and am saving it for a daughter also. That is probably the biggest thing I have saved because I don't want to go overboard but I am wondering if what I am doing is a little weird? Has anyone else done this? If so, what sorts of things have you put aside? Do you think it's strange buying things or saving things when you aren't even guaranteed of having a daughter? Just Curious! Let me know!

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    I don't think it's that odd. While I don't really save things for my future offspring (because I have this tendency to throw things out without thinking) my sister does. We've gone shopping and she's walked out with a baby jumper. She has items in her closet from her childhood- stuffed animals, a handmade rug, ect.- that she plans to give her children. Even though I tease her, I really don't think it's that big a deal. I have a wedding dress (it belonged to my grandmother!) even though there's no guarantee I'll get married!
    I think it's totally fine!

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    keeping your doll? not weird at all, think more people need to pass things on to their children.

    buying a random toy is a little over the top for me.

    if it was something classic, it may make more sense but a baby version of Belle?

    its basically an unused toy that will be dated instead of vintage, like a time capsule back to the plastic age of 2013.

    id save the movie or buy the fairy tale or things themed for a beauty and the beast nursery that werent overly one gender or the other.
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    Saving toys is a good idea but buying toys is a bit much as you currently aren't trying to conceive.

    I don;t think saving toys is weird... its a good idea. In toy story the kid got Woody from his dad so it was a family toy

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    I don't think it's strange. We won't be trying for a few more years, but I've already started to collect clothes and a few toys for our future baby. I've also started a little collection of books, I figure they're the one thing that won't be dated by the time we have a son/daughter.
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