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    Anastasia & Stasya - too grand.. opinions?

    I love the meaning & believe its a beautiful name..
    I do not pronouce it with the stacey type ending.
    *Whats your opinion when you hear it, & is it too grand?
    Also I was considering Nastasia or just Stasya
    There are so many variants & spellings to them.
    *Which do you perfer out of the three ?
    *is it setting a highbar for any future siblings?
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    I knew a Stacia. Pronounced like Stay-sha.

    I love all variations of this name, even Stacey.

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    I like them both, but I would probably go with Anastasia nn Stasya. (I hope I'm not saying anything stupid there- I know Russian nn's are kind of surprising sometimes.)

    I have to admit that if I heard a mom call out, "Anastasia, over here!" in the toddler's section of a library, I might expect to see a somewhat spoiled and prissy child... it's a big name for the small cute chubby stage, that's all. But it wears well on teenagers and adults. So if you used Ana or Stasya, with Anastasia just as the reserve formal name, I wouldn't mind that at all.

    And if you are Russian in heritage, then I have NO problem with it, even if you choose to use the full name all the time.
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    I don't think Anastasia is too grand, and neither are it's variants. I think it's very regal, but the nicknames help bring it down to earth. I like the full name better than Stasia or Natasia on their own. If you love it, use it.

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    We have Ukrainian heritage & also a family member who is native & will teach her the language. I would definitely nn Stasya to bring it down most the time but it also grew on me like a little princess. I do agree with shujayra about possibilty of being spoiled. . I also think it will be rough with possibly siblings since my taste normally isnt so regal - esp with boys.

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