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    Caoimhe vs Maeve

    Hi everyone! My name is AnnMarie. I am 28 years old and my husband Justin and I are having our first baby girl! Justin and I have one son who is 2 years old and his name is Declan Everett Crawford and we get compliments on his name all the time. And now we are having a baby girl, and we wanted a pretty yet unique name for our girl. We have settled on Rose as the middle name since it's both of our mother's middle names. What we are having trouble on is deciding on her first name. We both like Caoimhe and Maeve but we can't decide on one. Could you please help us?

    Which one is your favorite?

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    I like Maeve Rose the best. Congratulations on the baby!
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    I would say Maeve Rose, beacause first of all I just adore Maeve. Caoimhe is pretty but I would be concerned about spelling and pronunciation issues.

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    Caoimhe Rose flows better IMO but due to possible pronunciation problems and spelling difficulties I'd go with Maeve Rose which also goes really well with Declan Everett.

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